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Want to Plan a Romantic Proposal?

Proposal season is upon us, and if you haven’t popped the big question yet, we’ll tell you why now the best season to do so is.  With the temperatures in Toronto finally heating up, planning a romantic proposal has become a lot easier.  There are many scenic areas in the city that offer privacy, great surroundings, and ambiance.  Also, if you’re planning a summer wedding, popping the question now will give you ample time to plan the perfect wedding. We’ve helped thousands of customers find the perfect diamond engagement ring in Toronto, and after speaking to several proposers, we know it can be very daunting.  There are many things to consider, including how to propose, where to propose, and of course, the diamond ring you will be placing on her finger.  We’ve come up with some tips for those who might need a little help in the proposal department… And because we specialize in memorable engagements and beautiful diamond rings, you know you can trust us. If you’re proposing, you want to know how much emotion is going to be involved.  Is your goal to surprise or make her cry (tears of joy of course)?  Do you want to tie in something special from the time you’ve spent together, perhaps at a favorite restaurant or by the beach where you shared your first kiss?  The goal is to be honest, be yourself, and set your intentions from a loving place.  In other words, don’t go for waterworks or overly cheesy.  Be the person that made your soon-to-be fiancée fall in love.  If that person is truly the one, your proposal, no matter how it’s made will be memorable.


Choosing an engagement ring can be tricky for some. We’ve concluded that there are three main types of ring buyers.

    1. The upfront ring buyer, who simply asks his soon to be fiancée what ring she wants, and is as direct as possible. We like this guy because he is straight to the point.  He’s also not considered to be the guy with the most romantic proposal, however, there’s almost a 100% guarantee that she will not be disappointed when she sees the ring.


    1. The surprise ring buyer, who is either confident in knowing his partner so well that he can choose the ring himself. Kudos to you bro.


  1. The in between ring buyer, or the best-friend asker. This guy performs his due diligence and might ask her best friend or family.  He also may creep her Facebook or Pinterest board, or watch what’s currently trending in engagement rings.  Subtle hints might be thrown out to his soon to be fiancée, and things like “So… what do you think of the whole vintage ring thing?” or “So just got engaged… I heard it’s a … cushion cut? Is that something you’d like for your engagement ring?  Hypothetically speaking, of course, not that I’m planning on proposing.”  Ok, so maybe the in-between guy isn’t so subtle.

If any of the above describe you, then there’s still a slight chance you’ll still need help picking out a ring.  Remember, it’s ok to have someone guide you through the proposal process to make your engagement as perfect as possible.  At Damasci, our team of diamond specialists is experienced in a lot more areas than you may think.  From finding a ring that would best suit your partner’s lifestyle or personality, to choosing something beautiful, yet within budget, we have you covered.  And if you are the surprise, guy, we’d be more than happy to give you some tips to make sure your fiancée will be set on cloud nine after you drop the question.  No matter who you’re proposing to, an engagement ring is a symbol of your love as a couple, and you want to present the symbol in a way that best represents you and your better half.    

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