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Ring Size

Ring Size

It’s important that your engagement ring and wedding band feel as great as they look on your finger.

Ideally the rings can’t be too big or too small in size. The perfect ring fit needs to slide off the finger with relative ease, and this includes your knuckle, yet it can’t be so loose that it slides off your finger on its own. Therefore, some snugness is desirable in order to fit the ring on your finger in a comfortable yet secure way.

Method 1

The first method is to take a measurement of your finger size using Damasci’s easy-to-use online ring sizer.

What is needed: Printer, Sturdy paper, Scissors

Method 2

Simply measure a ring you or your significant other already wears by using our online ring size chart in order to come up with the correct ring size which best describes the circumference of your finger.

What is needed:

Sizing Your Ring Online

Sizing your engagement ring or wedding band is a simple and straight forward process. And you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to get it right! Damasci has devised two easy, online ring sizing methods to determine your ring size. This way you will have not only purchased a ring which looks great but one which fits great as well.

Please know that should the fit of your ring you have ordered not feel quite right, just let us know and we will resize it at no additional charge, with in a 30 day period following purchase.

Hints For Sizing Your Damasci Ring

  1. It’s best to measure your ring finger at the end of the day rather than at the beginning. Fingers tend to change size as the day progresses, getting warmer and slightly larger towards nightfall.
  2. We recommend that you measure your ring finger several times at the end of the day, to assure the best possible fit.

Suggestions for Purchasing a Surprise Ring

  1. Check the ring size with relatives and friends of the person you intend to buy the ring for, asking for their complete confidence, of course.
  2. Find a reason to borrow a ring from the person you are gifting the new ring to, providing the ring fits the correct finger. Then use the online method 2 ring sizer to easily and accurately determine the persons ring size.

Additional ring sizing thoughts

  1. When it comes to a women’s ring size, size 6 is the most common although they can vary from a size 3 all the way to a size 9 and beyond.
  2. When it comes to a man’s ring size, size 9 is the most common and they can typically vary form size 7 to 13.

Your Damasci ring, as previously mentioned can be resized at no additional cost to you within 30 days of period.

Feel free to contact a Damasci customer service representative should you require further assistance.