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The Manufacturing Approach
at Damasci

Since the beginning of time, the art of jewelry manufacturing has been passed down from generation to generation. With many marvelous techniques employed over the ages, today’s manufacturing process continues to progress in wondrous ways, opening the door to a whole new level of quality craftsmanship and design possibilities.

Damasci prides itself in utilizing today’s most advanced techniques while never forsaking the traditional old-world craftsmanship we for years have been known for. Our time-honored approach assures a quality jewelry piece you will be proud to wear for many years to come.

Initial Sketch or Render

Jewelry creations often begin with an initial sketch to better understands the emerging design concept.

CAD Render

The initial sketch is then taken to our Damasci computer-assisted designer, where symmetry and measurements are discussed in detail, thus assuring a pleasing yet practical resolution to outstanding design concerns, while maximizing the beauty of the jewelry piece.

For example, issues such as the height of the diamond setting and proportions of the overall piece are thoroughly explored.

3D Printing

Once the design rendering has been approved, we use the latest state-of-the-art technology to transfer your project into a wax format. This is usually created by means of a 3D printer, with precise measurements in mind. Our skilled Damasci artisans then add final refinements by hand.

The finished custom design model can then be viewed in wax form, giving us a better understanding of the overall design concept.

At Damasci we always create a new wax form for each jewelry project.

Please Note: Many jewelry companies maximize profits by creating a rubber mold to mass produce jewelry items. However this often involves the loss of fine detail and overall proportions.

Casting and Polishing

Once the wax model has been approved, it is then advanced to the casting stage where it is transformed into the desired precious metal. An experienced caster is required to manage this overnight process. After a successful casting, the Damasci artisan carefully examines each piece and initiates the polishing and assembly procedures.

Diamond Setting

After polishing and assembly, the piece of jewelry is then ready to be set with diamonds or gemstones. To begin the process, the Damasci artisan carefully examines all previous steps of its fabrication, to ensure consistent quality standards are maintained. With precise calculation, the diamond setter will then move forward with the desired setting technique.

Mastering the exacting art of diamond setting requires years of experience and our world-class artisans are highly qualified at enhancing the beauty and brilliance of your jewelry creation.

Rhodium and Finishing Touches

With the diamond setting passing all of Damasci’s stringent technical requirements, the product returns to the polishing stage once again. The Damasci artisan then adds an exquisite mirror finish, followed by rhodium plating, as required. Upon completion, your piece is then carefully inspected and approved by our quality control team.