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Diamond Care

Caring for
your Diamond

There are several traditional ways to keep your diamond rings and other jewelry looking as pristine as the day you bought them.

Useful Products

Dish DetergentToothpicksCotton Swab

Soaking the diamond ring for half an hour in water with dishwashing detergent does work, especially if your ring has prongs or cathedral settings. However, with pave-set rings, the chance of the diamonds loosening tends to increase. Soaking the jewelry for a short period of time in water, combined with a mild detergent is always prudent.


The gold, platinum or silver setting can then be gently scrubbed with a soft tooth brush, cloth, or cotton swap, and then rinsed clear. Repeat as often as required, keeping in mind that with fine jewelry a caution is always advisable when cleaning.

Prolonging Life

To prolong the life of the rhodium plating on your diamond jewelry, avoid soaking in window cleaner. If your product has not been rhodium plated and you wish to add additional sparkle, you may soak the diamond jewelry in a window cleaner solution for one minute or less. Afterwards, make sure to soak your jewelry in a warm water and dishwashing detergent solution to rinse off the window cleaner.

Debris & Fine Cleaning

In order to remove any accumulated debris found in among the prongs, diamonds or intricate areas, consider using a toothpick, taking the greatest care to avoid scratching the metal or shifting the prongs in any way.

Remove any cloth fibers with the greatest care using tweezers, taking care to avoid marring the surface of the diamond jewelry product. Precious metals are more frequently damaged than the diamonds they support.

Diamond jewelry can, in general, be cleaned using ionic cleaners, although other gemstones may not do as well due to the electrical nature of ionic cleaning.

Diamonds can scratch other diamonds when stored together. With this in mind, Damasci recommends storing each of your jewelry items separately, to avoid damaging the individual pieces.

Insuring Your Diamond

Protect your valuables

In the even or loss or theft, it is always best to insure your precious jewelry. Familiarize yourself with all insurers’ terms as stated in the contract they provide. Some companies offer discounts, provided you have a working home security system. It’s best to comparison shop online or through friends, in order to make sure all your jewelry needs are outlined in the insurance policy and there are as few surprises as possible.

Your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies will likely cover the cost of some of your jewelry loss. However some plans rarely cover the entire replacement value of your fine jewelry. With this in mind, it is best to explore adding additional policies. Should you chose the additional jewelry insurance root, inquire if there is a deductible and its nature. For most jewelry insurance policies, a jewelry appraisal is required. Ask the insurance broker to advise which appraisal companies are acceptable. Inquire if the policy fully covers loss and/or damage, or if the loss occurs while travelling abroad. Such levels of coverage are the exception.

Insurance Essentials

Reading a policy’s details is essential before paying for additional coverage. Knowing your insurance covers full or partial replacement cost is also important. As well, find out if a cash settlement is possible instead of a replacement item.

Many insurance companies request current updated appraisals every few years. After you have chosen a particular insurance company, inquire as to their policy guidelines.