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Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

With a diamond engagement ring representing one of the most important acquisitions of a life time, Damasci suggests you review a few basic options which will help define your goals as you move forward with the engagement ring purchase of your dreams.

The ring itself is an outward way of describing the bond of a affection and loyalty between the two of you and, with this in mind, Damasci has crafted an easy-to-understand educational guide to help make sure your engagement ring needs are well supported and fully met.

Selecting the Right Diamond

Diamonds are graded and priced according to the 4C’s: clarity, cut, color and carat weight, as outlined in our diamond education center, which will help blend your diamond engagement ring aspirations with a practical understanding of each of the 4C’s diamond grading to ensure your budget requirements are respected and well met.

Along with a well known 4C’s, your diamond’s value is also determine by the shape of a center stone, be it round, princess, cushion etc.

Scintillation and dispersion, along with brilliance will also determine a diamond’s value and this area of discussion is well covered in our diamond educations center.

Selecting the Right Metal

Engagement ring come in several beautiful metal choices, including white, yellow, and rose gold, along with platinum, begin the most expensive of the four and requiring less maintenance but is at the same time the most costly to repair.

White Gold remains the most popular choice and is available at Damasci in 14k, 18k and 19k of purity grades. Although scratching can occur along with surface abrasions, they are easily remedied by polishing and related means.

White gold, with its gleaming finish, requires rhodium re-plating over time. It also harmonized very well when worn with other jewelry and is prized for this reason along with its beautiful appearance.

Selecting a metal tone such as white, yellow or rose gold along with platinum needn’t be a daunting task…. in fact, it’s fun. There are so many subtle influences these days. Film stars, for instance, are forever showing off their diamond engagement rings online and in the press, and this quickly becomes a fashion issue.

Skin tone can also affect choice. Rose gold for instance, can look ravishing when set against certain skin types. In all of the above cases, it is one’s personal preference which most affects the choice of a precious metal.

Selecting a Ring Setting for you

Engagement ring settings are as varied and wonderful as the woman who wears them. There are countless options available, whether it’s a classic solitaire ring, old world vintage, three-stone, or a sleek contemporary setting. The selection of an engagement ring most often defines the personality of the bride-to-be. Some may love the old world charm of a vintage ring setting, while another may favor the timeless simplicity of a diamond solitaire engagement ring. There really is no right or wrong here, rather it’s the joy inherit in wearing a wonderful ring of your choosing.

Selecting a Ring Setting for you

There is no shortage of engagement rings on the market. Many jewelers carry them. As a means of maximizing profits, it’s not uncommon for a vendor to offer a mass produced, average to poor quality engagement ring. At Damasci, a great deal of time and effort is spent perfecting every aspect of our diamond engagement ring collections. From delicate proportions to the intricacies of the diamond setting process, our artisans routinely create rings of exceptional beauty and refinement. Rest assured, should you decide to explore design possibilities at our in-store or on-line Custom Design Studio, Damasci artisans are there to guide you through the process of refining your engagement ring vision.

Damasci Buying Tip: when selecting an engagement ring setting, its highly recommended you consider the future purchase of the accompanying wedding band, so that it sits flush with the engagement ring setting of your choice.


Along with the purchasing of your diamond engagement ring, Damasci will also present a certificate of authentic accurately outlining the precise value of your jewelry selection. The document can also assist you in making insurance arrangements, should you choose to do so. Damasci most frequently uses appraisal certificates form the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), one of the top international appraisal institutions with a history of reputable service behind them.

Damasci’s Gaurantee

Authenticity of every Damasci engagement ring product is uniquely identified and assured by a registered serial number. To fully register the lifetime warranty, kindly visit www.damasci/warranty and fill in all pertinent information on your certificate of authenticity, conveniently located on the inside of your jewelry box lid.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the purchase of one of our engagement rings, please don’t hesitate to contact a Damasci customer service representative during regular business hours.