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Ladies Wedding Bands

Each Damasci hand-crafted wedding ring for ladies as well as for men is the timeless reflection of one of life’s most enduring institutions. And like wedding couples themselves, the rings they each wear can be similar in design or delightfully varied, with the ladies’ wedding band complimenting the engagement ring.

Once the design of an engagement ring has been chosen, the addition of a perfectly matched wedding band is as simple and straightforward as a walk on the park.

Classic Wedding Bands

Classic wedding bands from Damasci are an ever-popular choice for recently engaged couples on the market for a superb wedding ring. Our bands are timelessly beautiful and marvelously crafted to meet your exacting specifications. Choose among gleaming yellow, white and rose gold or platinum. Damasci wedding bands range in width from a slender 1.5mm all the way to a more robust 8mm in width.

We take pride in our hand-crafted offerings, with the emphasis on total comfort. Never mass produced, Damasci’s ‘comfort’ fit bands are a joy to wear from a design as a well as a feel good perspective.

Our wedding rings are available with flat, low, medium and high domed looks, with a low band being the most pleasing to many discerning customers.

If comfort and wear-ability are key factors, our bands are second to none and offer a deluxe feel for daily wear.

Wedding bands width at Damasci is always a matter of personal taste and style. Some of our customers are eager to purchase wider bands while others opt for a narrower look. The width of a bride’s wedding rings, first and foremost should harmonize with the thickness of her engagement ring.

If her small hand is already adorned with a wider engagement ring, a somewhat narrower version from a comfort perspective is a wise choice.

A woman with a larger hand may look good in a wider band but she may still prefer a narrower version.

The most important factor is that the engagement ring and wedding band blend perfectly with each other.

At Damasci, our ladies wedding band collection is as varied as it is beautiful. And our classic wedding bands are well priced and at the very finest quality.


Ladies Diamond Wedding Bands

The traditional diamond wedding band has for countless centuries come to symbolize the purity, love and commitment of two souls united in the sacred bond of marriage. And in recent years there has been a growing appreciation for these very wedding bands adorned with diamonds. The different techniques employed in such rings are many and varied, including the precious metal options of white, yellow and rose gold, along with platinum, not to mention the varying of wedding band widths.

No matter how basic or complex the engagement ring style, be it a simple solitaire or diamond encrusted, many woman favor a diamond wedding band to complement their engagement ring setting.

To perfectly match a diamond wedding band with your engagement ring setting, it is wise to select a band with a similar width, setting technique, metal tone and diamond extension. When it comes to diamond extensions, Damasci offers three basic choices: half, three quarter or eternity.

No matter what your taste, Damasci has a superb wedding band collection to meet your exacting engagement ring requirements.

If your engagement ring setting is a unique one, and requires a customized wedding band, visit our online custom design studio or call us at 1-855-539-6886.

Engraved Patterned Wedding Bands

Engraved patterned wedding bands are enriched with surface to please a wide range of tastes, all the way from the subtlety sophisticated to the boldly incised, with richly worked ornamentation. Some woman already wearing classic, understated engagement rings will seek out a wedding band with a wonderfully decorated surface, creating a stunning visual contrast between the two rings on the one finger.

Damasci offers an exquisite array of engraved patterned wedding bands at prices you can afford. White, yellow, or rose gold options, along with precious platinum, are available and the exact width of your wedding band is also yours for the choosing.

Customized engraved pattern designs are also offered. To start the design process, please visit our online custom design studio where qualified Damasci specialists will be pleased to assist you.