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Buying the Perfect Diamond

Buying the perfect diamond

The Damasci Guide

Getting married…what a glorious time of life, a cherished moment, and a right of passage. It’s the stuff you, your family and friends, not to mention your future wife will recall with joy, forever.

Of course, we all want to get such special moments right, and honor the covenant of marriage while celebrating your love for and commitment to the woman of your dreams, by giving her the diamond engagement ring of her dreams.

Damasci, famous for its old world approach to craftsmanship, not to mention commitment to fine service and attractive pricing, is pleased to offer as a guide the following step-by-step approach to choosing the perfect diamond for the two of you.

Setting your Budget

When it comes to selecting a diamond, it’s not difficult to feel overwhelmed by the choice of price ranges, quality grades and various protocols, including warranties, insurance options, shipping instructions and on it goes.

Having a specific price range in mind beforehand will ensure a pleasant rather than a daunting shopping experience. Rather than overextending yourself financially, it is suggested that you budget for what you can afford.

Whatever your budget, be it $1500, $15,000 or $150,000, there are superb selections of diamonds in various qualities to suite every budget, modest, extravagant and everything in between. Keep in mind to include the diamond setting mount in your budget calculations, which can range from $500 to $5000.

Budget Tip

A one month salary budget is generally recommended in the U.K., two months’ salary is recommended in the United States and three month salary in Japan.

Identifying Her Favorite Diamond Shape

As you approach buying a diamond engagement ring, it’s important to acquaint yourself with her favorite diamond shape, since she’s the one who will be wearing the ring.

With casual attire ever on the increase, the ring in general and the shape in particular should fit in with her dress up and casual looks.

If you’re uncertain as to her diamond shape preference, it is advisable to ask her friends or family. Having her visit and viewing the various diamond shapes in our education center is another worthwhile approach to take.

Selecting a diamond shape is subjective. If you are at a loss for knowing the lady’s favorite shape, the round, princess and cushion diamond shapes are highly recommended in this case, with their enduring appeal.

A round shape usually pleases most women, particularly if they favor a classic look. If the lady of your life favors a more creative, eclectic style, you might consider less traditional shapes like marquise, oval or emerald shaped.

Customers at Damasci are encouraged to learn as much as they can before making a purchase, by studying the education section on our Damasci website. The one can take the time to have fun exploring extensive jewelry collections in person or at our convenient downtown Toronto location or visiting us online at

Understanding a Diamonds 4C’s

When purchasing a diamond, it is always a good idea to acquire some understanding beforehand as to the four basic principles which help determine its value. These are known as the 4C’s.


The cut refers to a diamond’s overall proportions as well as its finish and polish. These determine its scintillation, dispersion, brilliance and fire.


Purchasers of diamonds usually prefer a stone which is colorless to near colorless. The highest grade in this regard, termed colorless, is graded D to F and following these top grades are near colorless and graded G to J. Diamonds graded after J tend to have a yellowish tinge and are less desirable but offer the best dollar value for the purchaser.


Diamonds possess various levels of clarity. A select few, totally free of inclusions, are termed flawless. There are a number of other grades which categorize diamonds as having barely visible inclusions to the naked eye, all the way to those having many inclusions visible to the naked eye. Flawless diamonds have an F grade and on the other end of the scale an I1 diamond will have the most inclusions. Purchasers of diamonds generally feel comfortable buying a diamond of VS2 to SI2, with minute inclusions, as long as they remain undetected by the naked eye.

Carat Weight

Carat or carat weight refers to how much a diamond weighs after it has been cut and polished. In general, as the carat weight of the stone increases, so too does its cost. With that said, Cut, Color and Clarity also influence the price of a diamond. For instance, a Flawless 0.50 carat stone with perfect color and cut can cost more than a 1.00 carat stone with lower grades of color, cut and clarity.

Understanding Diamond Grading Reports

For your own peace of mind, it is essential to obtain recognized certification when purchasing a diamond of your choice. Each diamond certificate affirms your diamonds complex specifications, including the 4C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat weight.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), The International Gemological Institute (IGI), and The American Gem Society (AGS) are highly regarded, long established institutions known for their strict, consistent and accurate standards when it comes to diamond grading, particularly the 4C’s.

A word of caution to the purchaser: some diamond grading laboratories have less stringent and consistent grading standards. For example, a diamond of SI1 clarity and G color graded by GIA could potentially be graded as VS2 clarity and F color by a diamond laboratory with less strict grading standards, resulting in an elevated and overvalued diamond purchase.

To ensure the accuracy of your diamond’s 4C’s, Damasci only offers diamonds for sale accompanied by the following recognized diamond grading laboratories: GIA, AGS and IGI.

Selecting the Right Jeweler

Purchasing diamonds and diamond jewelry can be a daunting task, particularly if one is a first time buyer.

Do keep in mind that buying a diamond engagement ring is never a solitary process. A good jeweler will ensure that the purchase experience is free of uncertainty and any stress which may result. Although we recommend you acquaint yourself with the 4C’s and other educations tools, your jeweler should be pleased to guide you through this material along the way, as well as address any questions and concerns, help you focus on your bride-to-be’s tastes and, most importantly, stay within your budget.

Make sure to deal with a reputable jewelry company where staff members are professionally trained.

Damasci, with its incomparable customer service, has been accommodating the jewelry needs of its valued clientele for decades.

Its world class, in-house artisans not only meet but exceed international standards of excellence in jewelry design and craftsmanship, utilizing hand selected, conflict-free diamonds of the highest quality.

Damasci’s risk-free retail experience is further enhanced by its free shipping and lifetime warranty agreement.