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Other Wedding Band Options


Titanium is highly favored as a ring metal of choice, particularly when it comes to men’s wedding bands. It is highly durable, very attractive, light weight and is also hypoallergenic. Popular, especially in wedding bands, the finished ring is usually made from a single block of metal. And this somewhat limits it’s utility when it comes to more complex setting styles, where claws or prongs are involved.

Slightly darker in color than platinum and white gold, titanium comes in a number of attractive finishes including smooth polished, brushed and also pebbled or hammered.



A popular choice for men’s wedding bands is cobalt. This interesting alloy comprises chromium along with cobalt. Its principle advantage is that it is corrosion free, scratch proof and chip resistance. From a craft perspective, cobalt tends to be malleable or easily worked. And like titanium, the metal is hypoallergenic, a plus for people with skin sensitivity.