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Confused by Engagement Ring Shopping? We Can Help

Confused by Engagement Ring Shopping? We Can Help

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, a lot of people get confused, stressed out and potentially even overwhelmed. It’s quite typical that a person shopping for an engagement ring will experience some frustration.


There are many reasons why. One is because, in many cases, shopping for an engagement ring could be one of your first experiences with buying high-end jewelry. While you may have purchased a necklace or some earrings in the past, you probably didn’t concern yourself with diamond quality, etc., when you were making this purchase. However, when it comes time to buy an engagement ring, you’ll only want to the best. This expectation, as well as the stress of learning the key facts about diamonds and rings, can make buying an engagement ring stressful.


Another reason that a lot of people find shopping for an engagement ring difficult is because of the cost of an engagement ring. This isn’t a trivial purchase. As you can assume, if you’re going to be spending a good deal of money on a piece of jewelry, you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting a good value and a high quality ring. For many people, this concept creates stress and confusion as they’re worried about making sure they spend their money on a ring that is worth it.


Of course, an engagement ring is also a very meaningful and emotional purchase. This is a ring that your significant other will be wearing for the rest of their life. This fact can stress people out and, when you’re stressed, you’re more likely to feel confused and overwhelmed.


The good news is that there are many ways to take the stress and confusion out of buying an engagement ring. Here are some tips.


Diamond Education


You don’t have to become a diamond expert, but learning about diamonds can help ease the confusion of purchasing one. Once you take the time to learn how diamonds are graded, you won’t feel as confused or anxious when you walk into a jewelry store.


One of the most important things that you’ll want to learn are the 4 Cs. This refers to cut, clarity, color and carat weight. Check out our diamond education center for more details on diamonds that can help you reduce your stress and confusion.


You’ll also want to learn a bit about the different styles of diamond. While “cut” refers to the number of facets and their proportions (it’s one of the 4 Cs discussed above), shape refers to the overall form of the finished diamond. Some of the most popular engagement ring diamond shapes are: Round, Oval, Princess Cut, and Emerald.


The most common shape is “Round Brilliant.” This shape is designed to maximize the amount of light returning through the diamond, which makes the diamond sparkle a great deal. However, other shapes are very popular as well. It often comes down to personal taste. For more info on diamond shape, check out our education center page on diamond shapes.


Research Her Tastes


Another area that often causes confusion is picking out the right style and design. While there are a lot of technical details to learn about when it comes to diamond engagement rings, one of the things you’ll need to remember is that individual preference and style is also very important. You'll want to get a ring that she loves.


If you want to buy an engagement ring that your future fiancée will truly adore, you’ll want to pick one that matches her personal style. This can be stressful and confusing for many guys, because they simply do not know what their girlfriend is looking for in an engagement ring.


A good way to start is by looking at what she already owns. This can tell you a lot about her style. When she’s not around, sneak a look into her jewelry box. Does she have a lot of gold jewelry? This can tell you that she prefers gold to platinum. Is it yellow gold or white gold? Try to gather as many details as you can about her jewelry preferences as you can, as these can help you find the right engagement ring.


You’ll also want to think about her personality. Is she a flashy person or is she more reserved? Is she into the latest trends or does she prefer the classics? Figuring this out can help set you on the right path to finding the perfect engagement ring. By narrowing down the options, you’ll reduce your stress levels and make the entire process easier.

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