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Diamond Engagement Rings Canada

Diamond Engagement Rings Canada

Too Busy to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring?

  Let’s face it. We’re living in a digital age and no matter who you are you’ve experienced the feeling of not having enough time. And if you’re one of the thousands of people who plan on proposing during peak engagement season, you might be feeling the sweats of finding a small window in your busy schedule to look for the perfect ring for your partner.


If you’re a busy guy who manages to break away from the office for lunch, you\'ll most likely have less than a half hour to pop over to your nearest jewellery store. Unless you intend on setting your fiancée up for disappointment, a fraction of your lunch break will not give you enough time to select the diamond engagement ring of her dreams. Also, many prominent mainstream retail jewelers have high markups, and the quality of their diamonds do not match their price tags.


Like many other items, you\'ve probably looked at diamond engagement rings online, but to the unseasoned engagement ring buyer (which would be the majority of people reading this article) placing trust in an online jewellery store might make you feel uneasy. Rest assured that several people buy diamonds online and are happy with their purchases. However, these people buy rings based on how they “should” look.


At Damasci, we’ve developed a proprietary method of cataloging our extensive collection of diamonds, and making them available for buyers to view. When you buy a diamond on our site, you can see your actual stone from the same point of view a professional jeweler would see it--this means you can inspect the stone and make judgments on a diamond’s cut, clarity, color, and carat--not based on an illustrated rendering. We also include GIA specifications to compare our loose diamonds. In many ways, looking through our extensive diamond collection online has time-saving benefits over looking for a diamond engagement ring in person. The ability to filter what you’re looking for to narrow down your decision makes finding the perfect ring so much easier. Having a 360-degree view of your diamond gives you the peace of mind of knowing that what you see is what you get. The next step would be designing the ring.


You can choose from one of our collections of exquisite and unique engagement rings or even have us craft a custom ring--from vintage or cushion cut engagement rings to rose gold engagement rings, the options are limitless. We use innovative technology and CAD software that provides the most precise designs in the industry. Damasci designers strive for nothing but excellence, and we stand true to that. We source all of our diamonds ethically, and make our rings in Canada, crafted right in our studio by Damasci\'s experienced staff.In addition to making custom designed rings with the exact diamond that you’ve selected, we ship loose diamonds within 7-10 business days and custom diamond engagement rings within 10-15 business days. Our diamond specialists are the best in their craft, and we’re confident that you and your soon-to-be fiancée will be completely satisfied. If not, we offer the best return policy among our competitors. We welcome you to contact us via email, or over the phone to discuss your needs. Our studio is conveniently located in Downtown Toronto, in Dundas Square and we are more than happy to meet with you in person to help you find her dream engagement ring, and plan your perfect proposal.

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