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Don’t Do This When You’re Buying a Diamond!

Don’t Do This When You’re Buying a Diamond!

When it comes to buying a diamond, there are certain things that you simply do not want to do. After all, a diamond ring is a major purchase, and this is especially true of an engagement ring. Not only is a diamond engagement ring a big expense, but it’s also a meaningful one. The ring isn't just a symbol of your relationship and your commitment to your partner, but it’s also the ring that they will be wearing for the rest of their life.


So, you don’t want to make a mistake. Here are a few things that you should avoid when buying a diamond engagement ring.


Don’t Focus Too Much on Carats


The carat weight of a diamond is one factor that makes up the 4 Cs of diamond quality. The size of a diamond typically corresponds to the carat weight, so a lot of people believe that the higher the carat weight the better. However, this isn’t necessarily true.


The cut of a diamond goes a long way when you’re talking about how a diamond looks. A large diamond that is poorly cut will appear dull and uninteresting while a smaller one with an excellent cut will sparkle and shimmer. That’s why it’s important that you don’t get caught up on carat weight. There are other aspects to consider as well.


Do Your Research


Don’t go into the process blind. There are thousands of different engagement rings out there and, if you don’t do your research beforehand, the process can be very overwhelming. Before you head out to buy an engagement ring, check out our diamond education center. Don’t worry, you won’t need to become a diamond expert. You’ll just want to be able to understand various terms and have some knowledge on how to compare diamond rings.


Don’t Only Look in One Store


It can be tempting to only look in one store, likely the jewelry store that is closest to you physically. That might not be the best idea. Different jewelers will offer various collections and a wide spectrum of services. Each jewelry store is not created equal. Shop around and make sure you check smaller stores and online engagement ring stores in addition to larger jewelers.


Make Sure You Get Recommendations


Ask friends and family members who have purchased engagement rings for their advice. They can give you first hand knowledge on what they learned as well as some tips for finding a great engagement ring. Ask them if they’re happy with the ring they purchased as well as the jewelry store they purchased it from. This can steer you in the right direction. Find out if there’s anything they wish they had known when they were shopping. This can give you vital advice.


You’ll also want to go online and read reviews for the jewelers you are considering. Doing so will allow you to find out exactly how recent customers feel about the store.


Don’t Shop Without a Budget


Most people don’t have the luxury of saying “money is no object” when it comes to buying an engagement ring. This means you’ll need to create a budget. Do so before you start looking for a ring. As mentioned, there are thousands and thousands of different engagement rings out there. If you come up with a budget before you start looking, it will help you narrow down the field. You won’t have to spend time looking through rings that you can’t afford anyway.


Always Think of Her


This sounds like an obvious one, but it’s a point that is sometimes overlooked. In some cases, people get so wrapped up in trying to find the “perfect” engagement ring, that they don’t focus on finding the ring that is right for their partner. The 4 Cs are certainly important, but so are the preferences of your special someone.


Think about what she likes when you’re buying a ring. Does she wear more modern styles or does she prefer traditional looks? Is she into being flashy or is she more subdued? Take a look at her existing jewelry. This can tell you a lot about what she’s into and what she likes.

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