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Finding the Right Vendors for Your Wedding

Finding the Right Vendors for Your Wedding

One thing you’ll find out pretty quickly when planning your wedding is that there are a lot of different wedding vendors out there. Choosing the right vendors is critical. After all, these are the people that will make your wedding a reality. They are the ones who you'll be working with very closely to create the perfect day for you and your special someone. Here are some tips for choosing wedding vendors.


Call in Advance


Some vendors are very popular, and they book up pretty early, so you’ll need to call in advance. You might find that some vendors require you to book them a year or more in advance, so if there is someone that you would really like to work with, call them as soon as possible.


Follow Your Budget


Different vendors have different costs, so you’ll want to set your budget before you start speaking with them. After all, you don’t want to spend too much time talking with a vendor that doesn’t fit into your budget.


Personalities Matter


The personality of a vendor is important, not just the quality of their service. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time working with this person, so you’ll want to be comfortable around them. If someone makes you irritated or if you don’t get along with them, you may not want to work with them on your wedding. Remember, you’ll likely be very emotional (and more than a little stressed) on your actual wedding day. That means you’ll be more likely to be annoyed or upset by things. If someone bothers you on a regular day, it’s likely that you’ll have a problem with them on your wedding day.


Communication is Important


One way to narrow down a list of vendors is to think about how easy or difficult it is to get in touch with them. When you called a vendor, did they answer or call you back quickly? Or did you have to make several attempts to get them to pick up the phone. Are your emails answered in a few hours or a few days? Of course, you can’t expect a vendor respond immediately every time and be a your at constant beck and call, but you should want to work with someone who respects your time and has professional communication skills.


The same is true for appointments. If a vendor repeatedly breaks commitments with you, frequently reschedules appointments, or is late for meetings, think about whether you can rely on them to be there for you on your wedding day.



Get Recommendations, But Use Caution


Getting recommendations from friends and family members can be great. A good word from a loved one can help you recognize who to trust and who you can count on. However, know that there is no one perfect solution for everyone. Your best friend may have loved the florist or caterer that she chose for her wedding, but you may not personally get along with them or they may have a style that isn’t your cup of tea.


It’s also important to remember that you don’t want to choose ALL of the same vendors as one of your friends even if you really like them, because this can leave your wedding feeling like a repeat. This is especially true if you’ll be inviting many of the same guests and if the timeframe between the two weddings is pretty short.


Ask for Referrals and Read Reviews


What past clients have said about a vendor matters. When you meet with a wedding vendor, ask them for references from former clients. You’ll also want to read reviews online to see what other people have thought about the vendor in question.


You can also ask vendors that you’ve already booked if they have any advice for a particular service or if they’ve worked with a certain vendor before.


Take Notes


You might think that you’ll remember everything about meeting with a vendor, but after you’ve met with a few of them (or a few hundred of them) the details might all blur together. After you’ve spoken with a vendor, either in person or on the phone, write down what you discussed, your impressions of the vendor, and any questions that you had. These notes will be very vital later on when you’re trying to narrow down your list.

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