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Five Ways to Surprise your Love with Jewelry

Five Ways to Surprise your Love with Jewelry

Jewelry is an incredible gift. It’s beautiful and timeless. It carries with it images of romance, love, and eternity. Since jewelry is such an important gift, you will likely want an equally special way to present a piece of jewelry to a loved one. Simply handing it over isn’t good enough. You want to make this a memorable moment that will never be forgotten.


Here are five surprising ways to give jewelry that your loved one will never forget.


A Scavenger Hunt


This is a really fun way to spend time and an incredible way to give the gift of jewelry. Create a scavenger hunt for your loved one. Give him or her one clue that will lead to another one that will lead to another one and so on. The last clue should lead to a location where the jewelry has been stashed. This adds adventure and intrigue to your gift as your loved one will get increasingly more and more curious about the scavenger hunt and excited about what they will find at the end.


To make this tactic even more effective, have the hunt take your loved one to memorable places from your relationship, or include moments that the two of you treasure. That way, not only is it a fun adventure with an incredible reward, but it’s also an emotional walk through memory lane.


This is a great way to give an engagement ring.


After a Hard Day


If you know that your loved one had a hard day, this is a perfect time for a gift. For example, if your special someone had a big meeting at work, an important exam, a challenging project to complete, a very busy day, or if he or she dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety lately, why not make it all better with the gift of jewelry?


Draw your loved one a bath, cook his or her favorite meal, and then present your gift. They’ll completely forget about all of their stress and worry.


A Fake-Out


Pretend that the fridge is broken and have your loved one open it up to check it out. Inside, they will find a ring or another special gift of jewelry. This kind of fake out works in a wide variety of situations. Tell them that there’s a leak in the basement and when they rush down to check it out, you’ll be standing there with your gift. Or have them come outside to look at the sunset and then surprise them with a present.


Another way to use “the fake-out” is to pretend that you forgot an important day such as a birthday or anniversary. Apologize frequently and tell them that you’ll make it up to them. Then ask them to get you your phone from the bedroom so you can make a note for next time. Have your gift sitting on top of the phone, ready to surprise them.


During a Special Getaway


The perfect way to cap off a romantic getaway is with a special gift. This will transform your trip from a memorable moment into one that will last a lifetime. Plus, they likely won’t be expecting a gift since you just took them on a romantic trip.


Trick Packaging


For their birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion, present your loved one with a big box. Inside the box could be a smaller box, followed by a smaller box, etc. until they reach the jewelry box. This will certainly catch them off guard.


Another way to use trick packaging is to place your jewelry gift inside a box for something mundane and boring. Then wrap this box and give it to your loved one. He or she will be confused as to why you got them a box of cereal or a new can opener for a gift. Then, when they seem (rightfully) underwhelmed by your gift, ask them to open the box and look inside. Watch their eyes light up as they realize they’ve been surprised.


By giving your loved one the gift of jewelry in a unique and surprising way, you’ll create a special moment that they’ll never forget. When you add the surprise and excitement of the moment to the incredible jewelry, it will be an experience that will last a lifetime.

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