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Four Tips for Getting Her the Engagement Ring She’s Always Wanted

Four Tips for Getting Her the Engagement Ring She’s Always Wanted

When it comes time to propose, you have a lot to think about. Where are you going to do it? What are you going to say? When will you pop the question? Of course, in addition to all of these questions, there’s also the very important question of the ring. The engagement ring is a crucial part of the process, so you want to make sure you get it right.


However, there’s no “perfect engagement ring” that’s right for everyone. There are many, many great rings, but there’s a good chance that your partner has a certain one in mind. They may have never even seen it in real life, but they’ve probably dreamed about it. It's the ring they've always wanted. It’s the ring they picture in their head when they think about their engagement. It’s the ring they imagine themselves wearing. It's the ring they dream about. If you can buy this ring, this truly special ring, you’ll wow them forever.


So, how do you get her the engagement ring she’s always wanted? Here are four tips.


Study Her Style


Every person has their own individual style. When you’re looking for an engagement ring, think about your partner’s personality and their unique fashion sense. Are they someone who embraces the newest trends, or are they more likely to stick with the classics? Do they like elaborate styling or are they more minimalistic? Understanding more about their personal style can help you figure out what sort of engagement ring they’d like.


Another tip that can help you get the engagement ring she’s always wanted is to think about her lifestyle. What she likes to do will affect the type of ring she’s comfortable with. For instance, if she’s very active or if she works with her hands, there’s a good chance that she won’t want a very large or very delicate ring. It might be best to stick with something simple. 




It’s also a good idea to do some detective work when you’re planning to buy an engagement ring. Look into her existing jewelry collection and see if you can spot any trends. Does she have a lot of white gold, for instance? Is a lot of her jewelry a certain style? If you notice that she has a lot of antique pieces, for example, this can be a strong sign that she’d like an engagement ring with a more vintage style.


By looking at what she already owns and what she wears regularly, you could find out some critical information about what type of engagement ring she’s likely dreaming about.


Look for Hints


In some cases, you may be able to gather some information by listening for hints about what your partner likes or dislikes in an engagement ring. For instance, if someone you know recently got engaged, your partner may comment on their ring. Pay attention to what they say. This can help you when it’s time to buy a ring yourself.


The same is true for celebrity engagements. If you catch your partner commenting on what a movie star or other famous personality is wearing, this information can help guide your search. This is especially true if someone famous gets engaged! If a celebrity starts showing off their ring, ask your partner what they think. This information can be very valuable.


Consider Custom


One of the best ways to get the perfect engagement ring is to consider custom engagement ring design. This is a process that allows you to design a ring from scratch, with the help of one of our talented designers.


Our team starts with a sketch that is based on your ideas. This then becomes a computer-assisted design, so you can get a better idea of the proportions of the ring and how it will look in the real world. After this is approved, a wax carving (usually produced by a 3D printer) will be made. This allows you to see your design in the real world. The next steps are casting the actual ring in the precious metal of your choosing, setting the stones, and adding the finishing touches.


The final product is a custom, one-of-a-kind design than will truly make your partner’s dreams come true.

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