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Getting Engaged on Halloween

Getting Engaged on Halloween

Special occasions are always a great time to propose.  There’s a sense of excitement in the air and everyone feels a little bit happier and more carefree. Halloween is no different. It’s an occasion that nearly everyone celebrates. Young and old embrace this day for spooky, silly, and fun adventure.


If you’re a person who truly loves Halloween (or if your partner is) then this day could be the perfect time to propose! Some people truly love Halloween. They spend the entire month of October putting up decorations and making elaborate plans. They spend months thinking about and putting together their costumes. They truly go all out of the occasion. For these people, a Halloween proposal is perfect.


Here are some tips for proposing on Halloween.


Embrace the Day


If you’re going to propose on Halloween, you might as well truly take advantage of the occasion. Incorporate Halloween themes in any way possible. Dress up in costume, use Halloween candy in creative ways, take inspiration from some Halloween movies, and use pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! One fun way is to carve a pumpkin (or several) in secret with the words “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” and then ask her to go outside to take a look at it. Then, when she’s overwhelmed by the sight, get down on one knee and show her the ring. It will be an incredible way to propose and a truly unique story that you’ll both love sharing with friends and family for the rest of your lives.


It can also be very fun and memorable to propose is at a Halloween party. This works out especially well if the two of you are wearing a couples costume, but it can be a great idea no matter what you’re wearing. You could even go “undercover” and wear a costume that covers your face so she doesn’t know who you are. Then you can get down on one knee, propose out of the blue, and truly surprise her.


One of the best parts about proposing at a Halloween party is that you’ll likely already be surrounded by a lot of your friends. This makes it easier for you to celebrate your proposal, plus your special moment can be witnessed (and maybe even photographed) by those you care about.


However, if you’re planning on proposing at a Halloween house party, it might be a good idea to check with the organizer first. After all, if you’re going into someone’s home for a party, you don’t want to step on any toes or detract from the party in any way. Once you propose at a party, that’s all that the guests will be talking about, so you want to make sure that’s cool with those who are hosting the party.


Another great thing about Halloween is that, when you’re scared, you’re more likely to hold each other closely. This makes it perfect for proposing. Watch a scary movie, visit a haunted house, or go on a haunted walk. Once it gets really scary and you’re holding each other tight, it’s the perfect time to pop the question.


Plus, Halloween is known for candles and dim lighting, which is also perfect for setting a romantic scene. Add in some chocolate or other Halloween candy, and you have the perfect setting for a memorable and seasonally-appropriate proposal.


What’s Great About Proposing on Halloween


There are a number of reasons why proposing on Halloween is a great idea. We’ve already mentioned how it will create a memorable story that you’ll be happy to share for the rest of your lives. We’ve also mentioned how it’s likely that your friends will be with you when you propose, making it easier to celebrate. You can even choose to propose before the party, so it’s just the two of you, and then you can head out with your friends to celebrate.


Proposing on Halloween is also great because your proposal photos will look incredible! You’ll be in costume and surrounded by amazing decorations. Not only will these photos be great to share on social media, but you might also want to print and frame your photos to keep them forever.


What would you do to make a Halloween proposal memorable? Do you know anyone who has gotten engaged on Halloween? What did they do?

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