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How to Overcome Nerves and Propose

How to Overcome Nerves and Propose

If you’ve found the love of your life and you know you want to spend eternity with them, you might be thinking about proposing. Of course, if you’re thinking about proposing, you might be getting nervous. That’s natural. Proposing to someone is a big step and getting engaged is a big life moment, so it makes sense that you may be feeling a bit of fear or apprehension right now.


Everyone feels at least a little bit nervous before they propose. Even if you are completely in love and very certain that your partner will say yes, it’s common to feel nervous before proposing.


Here are some tips for overcoming your nerves and popping the question.


Have a Plan


A lot of people get more stressed out over the actual process of proposing, and not the act of asking someone to marry them. If you’re feeling nervous about the engagement, it could help to sit down and plan out the proposal. Of course, you don’t need to script the entire day minute-by-minute (and you shouldn't do this, because that will probably lead to more stress, not less) but you should have a general idea for what you’re going to do and say and where you’re going to do and say those things.


For instance, taking some time to think about the words you’re going to use when you propose will make you feel more comfortable and relaxed about saying them. That doesn’t mean writing out and memorizing a script, but it does mean coming up with some general ideas and running through them. If you can picture the proposal in your mind, then you’ll become less afraid of it.



Talk to Someone You Trust


If you’re feeling nervous about the idea of marriage, talk to someone you trust. It could be your parents, a sibling, or a close friend. Tell them how you feel and what you are worried about. The act of talking about your anxiety will make you feel better. Plus, they might give you some excellent advice and guidance.


If you’re worried about whether you’re ready to get married or if you’ve truly found “the one,” your friends and relatives will likely be able to help you. They know you well and they will be able to help you feel confident with yourself and your relationship.


If the idea of marriage scares you, talk to someone who is already married. They will likely have some insight into marriage and they’ll be able to help you understand what a marriage is truly all about. This will calm you down and increase your confidence.


Accept That Things Will Go Wrong


No matter how much you plan or how much time you take considering every angle, there’s a very good chance that something will go wrong. Bad weather may spoil your romantic walk on the beach, the flu could derail your couples weekend away, or the restaurant you planned to propose in might not have a table for you. Stuff happens.


Once you accept that things can go wrong, you’ll start to feel more relaxed. Also, when you understand that there could be potential setbacks, you start planning for those setbacks. You come up with alternate ideas that you can use as backup plans. Once you have a backup plan, you worry a little bit less about the whole event.


Have a Ring


If you’re going to propose, you’ll want to have an engagement ring. Some people get very nervous when they think about potentially buying a ring. Engagement rings cost quite a lot of money and they are very meaningful, so it makes sense that you might be worried about buying one.


If you need some help buying an engagement ring, check out our diamond education center. It contains a lot of information that you can use to help learn about diamonds and rings. The more research you do, the more comfortable you’ll feel buying a ring, and the less stress and anxiety you will have about the process.


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