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How You Know You’ve Found the Right Engagement Ring

How You Know You’ve Found the Right Engagement Ring

Looking for the right engagement ring can be a lengthy and sometimes difficult process. You’ll find yourself spending time learning about diamonds, studying the 4 Cs of diamond quality, reading reviews of jewelers, researching her preferences, shopping around, and doing a lot of work. However, when you find the right engagement ring, the ring that you know is going to make her eyes light up and her heart melt, it’s all worth it.


But how do you know when you’ve found the right engagement ring?


When You’ve Learned About Diamonds


One of the keys to finding the right engagement ring is to learn a bit about diamonds before you go shopping. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to become an expert or learn everything there is to know, but it does mean that you should do some research. A great place to start is with our diamond education center. We’ve put together a complete guide to everything you’ll need to know about diamonds and engagement rings before you go shopping, including a look at the 4 Cs of diamond qualityhow to buy the perfect diamond, and more. Plus, once you’ve got your ring, be sure to check out our diamond care section.


If you learn about diamonds, and how to compare different diamonds with one another, it becomes easier to know when you’ve found the right engagement ring and you’ll be a lot more confident in your purchase.


When You Understand Your Budget


Obviously, one thing that a lot of people stress out about is the cost of an engagement ring. There’s a really good chance that the ring you buy for your special someone will be the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ve ever purchased, so it’s understandable to feel some anxiety here. Of course, another reason that people stress out is because they’re not sure how much to spend. You’ve likely heard sayings like “two months’ salary” or “three months’ salary” or various different guidelines, but it’s important to remember that these are just guidelines. Your own personal financial situation will help guide you towards the right budget for you. There are great engagement rings available at nearly every budget.


You’ll want to set your budget before you go shopping, otherwise you’ll spend a lot of time looking for rings that are out of your price range. The better understanding you have of your budget, the easier it will before you to find the right engagement ring.


When You’ve Done Some Snooping


One of the keys to getting the right engagement ring is to do some detective work. After all, there are a lot of great rings, but your special someone has their own unique taste and the more you learn about these tastes, the better your chances of finding a great ring. How can you find out what they like? By snooping around a bit.


When you get the chance, look through her jewelry box when she\'s not around. Take note of what you find. Do you see a lot of white gold or is it more yellow gold? Are the pieces very ornate and elaborate, or are they simpler? Does she own a lot of modern styles or does she seem to prefer more vintage looks? Whatever information you can gather from her existing jewelry, the better.


While you’re looking around at her jewelry, see if she owns any other rings. Why? Because this can help you determine her ring size. If she doesn’t, don’t worry. We’ve put together a guide on a few ways that you can figure out her ring size.


When You Know Her Style


In addition to going through her jewelry box to find out some more about her tastes, it’s also a great idea to think about her overall personality and style. This will help you find the right engagement ring for her. Think about what she likes, how she dresses, and the type of things she’s into. The perfect engagement ring for someone who keeps up with the trends and loves to wear flashy brands is completely different than the ring you’d buy for someone who prefers an understated look and stays away from what’s “in.” Think about her lifestyle as well. An active and sporty person will likely appreciate a different ring than someone who doesn’t take part in such activities.

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