Keep these things in mind when you buy her a diamond

Keep these things in mind when you buy her a diamond

Do you want to make her gasp with excitement? Are you longing to leave her thrilled, speechless and a little weak in the knees? Hoping to take her breath away? You can do all this and more with the right diamond. The look on her face when you hand her a stunning diamond can't be replicated by anything else. Whether you're proposing with a diamond ring or giving her a new pair of earrings for her birthday, presenting her with a diamond is a moment she'll never forget. However, while a diamond itself will thrill her, getting her the exact piece of jewelry that she's always dreamed of will get an even better reaction. Your wife or girlfriend probably has an image of her perfect engagement ring/diamond earrings/diamond bracelet/etc. in her head. If you can match that image with your actual gift, she'll be ecstatic.

Giving Her What She Wants

Woman - DiamondIt's easy to pick out a ring or necklace that you like. But the key to thrilling her is to get her what she's hoping for. One way to start your search is to think about the type of person that she is. Is she someone flashy who'll want to dazzle the world with her bling? Or is she more down-to-earth and understated? Does she like to follow the latest trends or would she rather get something classic? By taking a good look at the type of person she is, you can point yourself in the right direction.

Listen to her Needs

Has she ever mentioned jewelry to you before? Does she ever talk about what she hopes to wear one day or what she thinks looks nice on other people? If she has, we hope you were listening. If she hasn't - or if you didn't listen - you can get some inspiration and insight by taking a closer look at the jewelry that she already owns. What style is it? Does she own a lot of yellow gold or does she prefer platinum or white gold? It may also be a good idea to talk to her friends and family, assuming that they can be trusted with a big secret, of course.

Size Isn't All That Matters

When you decide to buy a diamond, it's not a good idea to just rush out and buy the biggest one that you can afford without thinking. Bigger isn't always better. Do you know about the 4 Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity & Carat Weight)? Are you familiar with the different cuts and shapes of diamonds? If you're not, you have some homework to do. Our diamond education section is a good place to start.

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