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Modern Proposal Etiquette

Modern Proposal Etiquette

You've found your soulmate and you're planning on popping the question! Congrats! That said, if you're thinking about proposing, you're likely wondering exactly how you're going to do it. Getting engaged is a big moment and you want to do it right.


You've likely already read a lot about proposing. Maybe you've even asked friends and family members who have gotten engaged to share their experiences. But what does it really mean to get engaged in 2023?


Here are some tips.


About Asking her Parents


You may consider it old fashioned to ask her parents before you propose. The concept of "asking for permission" can seem out of style and outdated to many people. However, many parents consider it a matter of respect.


You've met your future spouse's parents before, so think about whether or not they would expect you to let them know that you're planning on proposing. A lot of parents would appreciate you telling them before you pop the question. Just make sure they can keep a secret!


You don't have to consider it "asking for permission." Instead, think of it as a way to bond with your future in-laws. It's also a good way to "test" if proposing is a good idea. If her parents are thrilled by the situation, then it's likely that she will be as well.


Don't Steal Someone Else's Thunder


When you propose is important. You might want to do it on a day that is special to the two of you, such as the anniversary of your first date. However, when you propose, take other special occasions into consideration. For example, don't propose at one of your friend's birthday parties or anniversary celebrations. Your proposal will attract a lot of attention and that will take the focus off of the person whose birthday or anniversary it is.


If you want to propose at a public event or in front of friends and family, that's fine, but just take everyone else at the party into consideration when you do it.


Respect Traditions


If you or your future spouse have any family traditions regarding proposals, make sure that you respect them. You might not understand these traditions but, if they're important to your spouse, then you'll want to be sure to respect them.


Have a Ring


An impromptu proposal out of the blue can be very romantic and memorable, but is that really what she wants? Most people want to receive their engagement ring when they are asked for their hand in marriage. Unless your special someone has specifically told you that they don't want a ring or that they would like to pick out the ring themselves, you should have a ring when you propose. Not only is it expected, but it's likely something that she's been waiting for for a while, so you don't want to disappoint.


Do Something Personal


If you want to have a huge proposal in front of friends and family, followed by fireworks and a live band, that's up to you, however, you'll also want to make sure to do something special for just the two of you. Remember, a proposal is about your relationship, so it's important to take some time to be alone with your partner.


It's also important to take her considerations and preferences into account. Remember, this moment is primarily for her. If she wouldn't appreciate a public proposal or if you know she has a particular picture in her mind of what her engagement will should like, try to make this a reality.


Make it Social


It's 2023, so it only makes sense that you'll want to share your proposal online. Think about creative ways to do this. You might want to take a selfie right after she says yes, or you could even enlist help from a friend to take photos or videos of the actual proposal itself. Then you'll want to come up with a great way to share your engagement online!

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