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Personalized Engagement Rings

Personalized Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that this ring is for her. It sounds simple and obvious, but the reality is that some people forget this fact. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in engagement ring shopping and planning an engagement and forget that what you’re really doing is buying her a meaningful piece of jewelry that she’s going to wear every day of her life. This means that, in addition to learning about diamond quality and planning the perfect proposal, it’s important to focus on what she wants in an engagement ring.


After all, there are many excellent rings that have beautiful styles and stunning diamonds, but not all of them will be her style. A beautiful ring is always a beautiful ring, but a beautiful ring that matches her tastes, fashion sense, and personality is even better.


There are a lot of different engagement rings out there. If you visit a jewelry store, either in person or online, you’ll quickly see that there are hundreds and hundreds of different options. A lot of them look great, but narrowing the search down to the perfect ring for her can be tough. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


Here are some tips for getting a personalized engagement ring that she’ll love.


Discovering her Style


An engagement ring is worn at all times, with dressy outfits, casual looks and everything in between. Because the ring will be worn every day, it can’t really be matched to a certain outfit or look. However, it can make your partner’s overall style.


What sort of style does your future fiancée prefer? One way to figure this out is to consider the type of person she is. Is she into the latest trends? If she is, you might want to get a ring that is more modern in its styling. Is she flashy and a person who wants to be the center of attention? Then she might enjoy a ring that causes heads to turn, while if she’s a more subdued person, she might be looking for something simpler. Ask yourself some questions about her personality and the types of things she likes. This can help you figure out which engagement ring is right for her.


Another tip is to look at her existing jewelry. This can give you a lot of clues that will help you when buying an engagement ring. Does she own a lot of white gold, yellow gold, or platinum jewelry? If she obviously has a preference, then this information could steer you in the right direction when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Also, take a look at the overall style of the jewelry. You could get some tips that can help you narrow down your choices.


Custom Engagement Rings


Of course, if you really want to get a ring that’s definitely her style, there’s always the option of a custom engagement ring. When you design and create your own ring, you can incorporate everything that you know about your special someone into a truly unique ring that she’ll fall in love with.


When you visit Damasci to design a custom engagement ring, the process starts by meeting with a design specialist. After discussing what you would like in a ring, the designer creates a visionary sketch that captures the look and feel of your design. From there, the sketch is taken to our computer-assisted designer who creates a 3D rendering of your ring. This allows you to see your design come to life and gives you a very good idea about how the final product will look.


Once you approve of the computer design, your creation is physically produced as a 3D model. This is often done via a 3D printer. This allows you to see what the ring will look like in real-life. Once you approve of the wax model, your design is casted into the desired precious metal. The ring is then polished, the stones are set, the finishing touches are applied, and you have an incredible creation that she\'ll definitely love.


If you have any questions about our custom engagement ring design, please contact us today.

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