Picking a Diamond Ring for Renewing your Wedding Vows

Picking a Diamond Ring for Renewing your Wedding Vows

Many couples decide to renew their wedding vows at some point in life. There are a lot of great reasons for wanting to say “I Do” again. A vow renewal is a great way to celebrate marriage and love. Many couples choose to mark certain anniversaries with special vow renewal ceremonies. For example, you may wish to celebrate your second, fifth, tenth or 20th anniversary with a vow renewal ceremony.


Some couples choose to renew their vows so that their children can see them expressing their love. Others choose to do so as a way to recommit to one another after a rocky period in the relationship. And some just do it because it’s fun!


Whatever your reason, renewing your vows can be a incredible moment to share with your partner.


One of the most common questions about a vow renewal ceremony is what should you do for rings.


Rings at a Vow Renewal Ceremony


There aren’t really any hard and fast “rules” about vow renewal ceremonies, and that is great! It means that you’re free to do whatever the two of you want to do and to get really creative with the event and personalize it in any way you want.


When it comes to rings, some couples choose to keep the rings that they already have, but make adjustments to them. For example, you may want to change the stones in your rings or add a new engraving. You might want to add a special saying or the date of the vow renewal, for example, or you may wish to upgrade the diamonds in your ring.


Of course, other people choose to purchase new rings for the occasion.


The rings that you choose for your vow ceremony will represent your relationship as it is today. Maybe, years ago, when you got married, you weren’t able to afford the exact rings you wanted. Or maybe you went for a trendy style that doesn’t seem so contemporary today. Trends could have changed and so could have you. Perhaps, depending on when you were married, your original rings are now damaged, scratched or in otherwise less than perfect condition.


When it comes time to pick a diamond ring for your vow renewal, many of the considerations are the same as when you initially bought your wedding rings.


  • Consider your Personal Style
    • Do you like more modern styles? Are you into classic designs? Do you prefer yellow gold, white gold or platinum? These are all factors to keep in mind.
  • Think About Matching
    • Do you wear any other jewelry? If you do, you might want to match your rings to your other pieces. For example, if you like to wear gold earrings, you might want to get a gold wedding band so that they go well together. Of course, this is entirely optional.
    • Do you want your new rings to match your original rings? Will you be wearing a wedding ring with your engagement ring? These factors matter.
  • Consider how your Ring Feels
    • Some people don’t like wearing their original wedding rings because they’re uncomfortable or difficult to wear. When you’re renewing your vows, you can fix these issues! Try on several rings and pick the one that feels comfortable to you.


For more tips on buying rings, please read our post on Choosing your Wedding Rings. You’ll also want to make sure that you take the time to find a jeweler who has your best interests in mind.


A vow renewal is the perfect opportunity to exchange new rings. But that doesn’t mean that you’ll have to say goodbye to your old rings. Some people choose to stop wearing their old rings when they exchange new ones at a vow renewal, but others decide to wear their new rings alongside their old ones.


You might wish to move your old ring over to your right hand (or to a different finger on your left, if it fits) or you may wish to stack the two rings together. Stackable rings have been a trend for quite some time and moments like this are a major reason why.


Your new wedding rings can be whatever you want them to be. They can be similar to your original rings if you’d like, or you can go for something completely different. Remember, this is your ceremony and you and your partner will be the ones wearing your rings, so it’s important that the two of you get rings that you like.


Happy Vow Renewal!

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