Planning a Romantic Spring Proposal

Planning a Romantic Spring Proposal

You know what they say: in the spring, love is in the air! The warmer weather has arrived, there’s more daylight, and everything feels new and fresh and more beautiful. This makes it a very popular time to pop the question.


Here are some tips for proposing in the spring.


Get Outdoors


One of the best parts of proposing in the spring is that the weather is warmer. Take advantage of this and involve the outdoors in your proposal. Here are a few great ways to do exactly that:


  • Go for a Romantic Walk
    • There are a lot of wonderful ways to do this. You can choose a walking route that truly highlights the scenery, such as one that walks through a picturesque park or a beautiful garden. This can really set the mood for your proposal. If the two of you like  to hike, why not go for a romantic hike and propose in a particularly beautiful vista?
    • You can also plan a walk that will take you past significant locations from your shared history. This obviously depends on your story and where you live, but it’s a great idea if you can swing it. For instance, you could start by having lunch at the restaurant where you went on your first date, then go for a walk through the park where you had your first kiss, and finish things up with a stroll to your favorite coffee shop where you’ve spent hours together.


  • Have a Picnic
    • Pack a basket and take your lunch or dinner outdoors. This is a romantic way to spend some time with your special someone and enjoy nature. Try to choose a spot with some great scenery, such as a garden or a park, and relax, eat, and enjoy each other’s company before you pop the question.


A word of warning about planning a proposal outdoors: Spring weather can be very unpredictable. It can be warm and sunny one day and cool and rainy the next. Have a back-up plan in mind so that you don’t find yourself walking outside in a rain storm.


Attend an Event


There are a lot of wonderful events that happen in the spring. Depending on what you enjoy and what’s happening in your area, why not incorporate a special event into your proposal? For instance, if both of you are baseball fans, why not take in a game before you pop the question?


However, this suggestion comes with some potential advice and guidance. You may be tempted to propose in public at a special event or sports game. Before you decide to do this, think about whether or not your significant other would appreciate this. Some people absolutely love the idea of a public proposal. They want to be the center of attention and want everyone to watch as they receive the ring. However, other people are much more private and they want their engagement to be a private moment between them and their partner only. Think about the type of person your significant other is and don’t do a public proposal unless you know they’ll appreciate it.


Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t still attend an event as a part of your engagement. All you need to do is plan for a private moment, such as a quiet walk or a home-cooked meal, before or after the public event where you can pop the question.


Buying an Engagement Ring


A lot of people stress out when they think about buying an engagement ring. This makes sense in some ways. After all, not only is an engagement ring a very meaningful (and expensive) purchase but it’s also likely one of the first times you’ll be buying high-end jewelry.


Don’t worry though. Buying an engagement ring isn’t as scary as it may first seem. One of the first things you’ll need to do is learn a little bit about diamonds. Our diamond education center can help you. Take a look at our guide to the 4 Cs of diamond quality and you’ll learn how to compare diamonds and choose the best one, no matter what your budget may be. Want some more help? Check out our piece on Buying a Great Engagement Ring on Any Budget as well as our look at How to Get the Best Deal on an Engagement Ring.

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