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Planning Your Wedding in Toronto: From Engagement Rings to 'I Do'

Planning Your Wedding in Toronto: From Engagement Rings to 'I Do'

The most beautiful stories are the ones that come full circle. From the moment you first laid eyes on her to the moment, your eyes catch her walking down the aisle. As your love story unfolds, a piece of jewellery becomes a treasured celebration of your milestones. From finding the perfect engagement ring to saying 'I do, to your dream wedding band,' here's a simple guide to help you every step as you plan your wedding shenanigans in the vibrant city of Toronto.  


The First Step- Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring In Toronto

The wedding hoopla only enters the picture once you have slid an engagement ring on her finger. So, to start, the first step necessarily has to be finding a reputable store in your locality, with whose help you can find her dream engagement ring.

Jewellery Stores Toronto:

Shortlist jewellers based on recommendations from friends and reviews you like online. Visit the one in person that stands out the most for you regarding your expectations for the ring. At Damasci, we make sure to be all involved in understanding your requirements before we start suggesting options. Whether you are looking for unique engagement rings in Toronto design or something completely basic and minimalistic, Once you have listed your requirements, we will assign you an expert to help you find the perfect ring. Choosing the right jeweller is crucial because it is what determines if you will find the perfect ring for your big day or not.


Custom Engagement Rings:

Every person is a rookie when it comes to shopping for an engagement ring for their partner, which is why we are hell-bent on research. If you visit a jewellery store clueless about what you are looking for, it is definitely going to be intimidating. Because the moment you enter a jewellery store you will be greeted with a bounty of options, which will confuse you more than enlighten you. If you have done your research, you will be able to determine whether you want to shop for something off the shelf or if you are more inclined to get a custom engagement ring. While store-made rings might push you to settle for a thing or two, custom engagement rings will give you full liberty over the design.

Lab Created Diamonds:

Apart from choosing between ready-made and custom-made rings, one of the hardest decisions is choosing between a natural diamond and a lab created diamond. While natural diamonds are a conventional option for most, some couples take the liberty to take the unconventional route with lab-created diamonds. Despite the hefty price tag, a lab diamond with a similar physical and chemical composition bears the same result for your engagement ring.

The Proposal

Once you've found the perfect ring, it's time to plan the proposal. There are no rulebooks as to how your proposal should be; therefore, you are the master of your sail. From something as minimalist as a proposal at the Bluffer's park beach to something as extravagant as a proposal at Two sister Vineyard, you can take your pick based on how much you are willing to spend. Toronto has plenty of proposal venues, so you can pick any location that makes the perfect backdrop for your dream proposal.

The Step After- Planning the Wedding


Choosing a Venue

The wedding venue sits at the heart of your wedding celebration. It sets the tone for the entire ceremony and creates a lasting impression on your guests. The right venue will make your guest feel comfortable, so that they can thoroughly enjoy your big day along with you.


Top Wedding Venues In Toronto:

Casa Loma

Evergreen Brick Works

The Great Hall

One King West

Hart House

The Manor


Finding the Right Vendors

Once you have handpicked your wedding venue, you need a team to make your wedding day dream come true. The vendors will play an integral role in maintaining harmony throughout your wedding celebrations. Therefore, you must take every step after thoroughly analysing if the person is a right fit for the role you want them to play at your wedding.



You don't want your guests to leave the party fully famished, and that is why it is important that you choose Caterers known for their taste and hygiene. Presentation is also key if you are going for a themed wedding ceremony and a critical thing to consider when finalising your caterers.



A picture tells a thousand stories! Choose your photographer wisely—someone who knows how to capture every moment precisely. Someone who can capture the dreaminess of your wedding, the happy tears, the laughter, and the love, all shining through every picture.



Shortlist wedding florists that your friends and family used during their wedding, the ones who are nearby and easily accessible. Show them your Pinterest board, your dress, and your venue. Share your vision with them, and see what they have to offer. If their ideas resonate with yours, congratulations, you have found your match; if not, move to the next person on your list and then the next until you find the right one.


Choosing Your Wedding Rings

As an engagement ring marks the beginning of your relationship, a wedding band draws you closer to building your life together. Therefore, shopping for a wedding ring is as critical as your engagement ring. The best part is you both can shop for your wedding rings together and collectively determine the style, metal, and setting of your ring as you shop at wedding ring stores in Toronto.


Final Touches

As your big day approaches, ensure everything is perfect! Every detail counts, and every impression matters; therefore, plan everything carefully, no matter if you have to start planning for your wedding a year in advance. Be thorough with all your bookings to avoid last-minute mishaps. Arrange a rehearsal dinner to make sure everything falls into place. Assign duties to your bridesmaids\ groomsmen, friends, and family so that you are not burdened with anything and can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.


Wedding Attire

Make sure your wedding dress fits well; book the final fitting appointment a few weeks or days before the wedding to ensure your dress fits like a hug.


The Big Day- The Celebration Of Your Love



As the ceremony finally approaches, let the moment sink in, enjoy every bit of it, and the rest will fall into place. Keep your ring bearer steady, your vows prepared, gather your flower girl, and prepare yourself to walk down the aisle.



Dance the night away with your family and friends, creating memories that will last a lifetime. After the ceremony, your wedding party is all about celebrating you as a couple, so make the most of your reception. From the tearjerker speeches to the heartfelt first dances and the grand exit, you only need to enjoy every moment of it.



Your wedding and engagement can be a lot to prepare for, but at least you have Damasci to take care of your engagement rings and wedding bands. From classic ring style to the more contemporary, our collection is a treasure trove of some of the finest diamond rings you will ever come across. Visit our website or drop by our store in Toronto to find yourself the perfect ring.

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