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Proposing in the Fall

Proposing in the Fall

The fall is a beautiful time of year. The leaves are changing colour, the sky is still a brilliant blue, and the world looks wonderful. Plus, while it’s still very pleasant outside during the fall, it isn’t as hot as the summer. This means you can spend time outdoors without getting drenched in sweat.


All of these facts make the fall a wonderful time to get engaged. Here are great ideas for anyone who is looking to get engaged in the fall.


Keep it Cozy


The fall is made for comfortable coziness. Plan a proposal that includes a crackling fire, a warm mug of hot chocolate, a furry blanket, or anything else that makes both of you feel warm and cozy. This will be an incredible, romantic way to pop the question and a magical moment that neither of you will ever forget.


Get Outdoors and Use the Fall Colours



One of the best parts of fall is the weather and the stunning beauty. If at all possible, try to have at least some part of your proposal take place outdoors. There’s simply no match to the incredible beauty of the season. Fall is filled with wonderful colours. Use this to your advantage.


Of course, you’ll want to make sure that you have a back-up plan in mind. Fall weather can be unpredictable. You never know when it will rain or be unseasonably cold. You don’t want your only option to be a long hike in the wildness when it’s pouring rain. If possible, think of a way that you can take in the wonderful fall colours while still being indoors, such as a restaurant with a great view of nature.


You might even want to take a road trip or whisk her away for a weekend getaway. Go somewhere romantic and take the scenic route. Try to drive somewhere where you can see picturesque landscapes and beautiful fall colours. Take advantage of every moment of autumn’s incredible majesty. This will certainly set the mood for a romantic weekend and make your proposal even more memorable and beautiful.


Remember this is a story that she’ll be telling for the rest of her life, to everyone she knows, so the more than you can do make the entire experience incredible, the better.  


Incorporate Fall Food and Drinks


The fall isn’t just known for incredible colours and wonderful scenery, it’s also a spectacular time for amazing food and incredible drinks. Plan a special dinner at a restaurant with an epic view and take advantage of all that fall has to offer. Or put together a scrumptious picnic in a breathtaking location and enjoy wonderful fall food in an intimate moment between the two of you.


Fall drinks are also a fun, delicious, and cozy way to celebrate the season and make your proposal feel warm and loving. Accompanying the ring with a hot chocolate or a pumpkin spice latte can be a wonderful idea and an extremely cute way to pop the question.


Use the Holidays


Thanksgiving and Halloween both take place during the fall, making these natural additions to a proposal. If you or your special someone really enjoys one of these occasions, take advantage of this fact.


Proposing over Thanksgiving can be a wonderful idea. Chances are that your family and friends are already gathered together at this time, making it easy to announce the news and celebrate with them. Plus, you might have a little bit of extra time off at this time of year, which is perfect.


A Halloween proposal can also be awesome, if that’s your style. If you are planning a couple’s costume, try to sneakily bring the ring with you to whatever party or event you are attending. Then pop the question in costume. This will certainly be a moment that neither of you will ever forget and it will make for a great story.


Whatever you do, make sure you do something that suits the two of you as a couple. While there are a lot of incredible ways to propose, not all of them will directly be suitable for you. You want to do something that she’ll love and appreciate, right? Enjoy your proposal!

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