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Proposing Over the Holiday Season

Proposing Over the Holiday Season

The holiday season is one of the most popular times to propose. In fact, Christmas Eve is often cited as the most popular day to propose, with Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve not far behind. There are many reasons why people like to propose during the holidays.


  • There is typically more “free time” and vacation time taken during this time period. This gives you more opportunities to plan and set things up, and more time to celebrate after the engagement.
  • You’re probably already going to spend time with friends and family during this time, so you’ll be able to tell them that you're engaged all at once! Not only does this save time, but it lets you tell people in person who you might otherwise have to call on the phone if they live far away from you.
  • There’s a special “magical quality” to the holiday season that can be inspirational and also make your special moment even more beautiful and memorable.


Take Inspiration from your Favorite Holiday Films


There are many different holiday films that feature love, romance and magical moments. If you’re planning on proposing this holiday season, why not take inspiration from one of your favorites? Of course, you don’t have to re-enact an entire movie scene, but you can still be inspired by some of the classics. If there’s a special holiday movie that means something to the two of you, she’ll love if you mirror your proposal after a key moment in the film.


Plan a Holiday Activity


There are certain activities that become even more special during the holiday season, such as skating, hiking in the woods, or visiting an outdoor market. Why not take one of these activities and make it even more memorable by proposing? For example, if your town has a tree lighting or a fireworks display or a public skating event, this could be a good time to propose.


Give the Ring as a Gift


For the ultimate holiday gift, why not wrap the ring and put it under the tree? There are many different ways to do this. One way is to wrap the small box and then place it inside a bigger box. Then wrap that one and place it inside a bigger box. Continue as often as you’d like. This is a great way to make it a huge surprise!


Depending on what you think she’ll like, you can give her the gift in front of friends and family so they can be a part of the engagement, or you can give it to her alone so just the two of you can share the special moment.

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