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The Complete Guide to Buying Wedding Jewelry

The Complete Guide to Buying Wedding Jewelry

Wedding jewelry is an important aspect of your wedding. The jewelry that you wear can be a finishing touch that truly completes your look. The right jewelry will accentuate your beauty, make your gown look even more magical, and truly make you stand out.


Here are some tips for buying incredible jewelry for your wedding.


Get the Dress First


The right jewelry provides the perfect complement to your wedding dress. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose your dress first, and then to pick jewelry that goes along with it. Not only will you want the colors and the styles of your dress to work together with your jewelry, but the cut and shape of the dress will be important as well. For example, you’ll want to select a necklace that pairs nicely with the neckline of your dress, so choose the dress first, then add the jewelry.


Picking the Metals


One important decision you’ll want to make is the color of the metals in your jewelry. Will you be wearing white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum?


Again, you can look to your dress for inspiration in this area. The color of your dress can help you pick your metals. For example, if your gown is white, you might want to go with platinum or silver jewelry, while gold jewelry will best accentuate an ivory or champagne look.


Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need to have every single piece of jewelry in the same metal color. If done correctly, mixing metals can look great. You might have heard that there is a "rule" against this, but rules are made to be broken. For example, consider the trend of stacked rings.


Don’t Overdo It


Wedding jewelry is incredible, but it is possible to overdo it. It’s tempting to load up on bling for your special day, but then you could risk upstaging your dress. Stick with a few key pieces and let them carry your look. Remember, your stunning wedding gown should be the highlight of your style. The jewelry is there to make your gown’s beauty truly shine.


Something Old, Something New & Something Borrowed


Not everything you wear on your wedding day needs to be brand new. If you have some treasured pieces that have been given or loaned to you by friends or family members, of course you should include these in your look if you’d like to. You can even include some jewelry that you already own. 


Not everything has to match 100%. You don’t need to pick out all of your jewelry in the same style or from the same collection. Adding some beautiful heirloom pieces, or wearing some of your favorite items, can really make your outfit unique and truly special.


Something Blue


Don't be afraid to add a pop of color to your look with a piece of jewelry. This can really bring your entire outfit together.


Jewelry is Timeless


Remember that jewelry is timeless. This is important to keep in mind for many reasons. The first is that you will be looking at photos and videos of your wedding for the rest of your life. When you’re showing your children and grandchildren pictures of your wedding in 20, 30, or 40 years, you’ll want to be just as proud of your look then as you are right now. A good way to ensure that this is true is by choosing jewelry that isn’t overly trendy. That doesn’t mean you can’t be in style, but go for a more timeless style instead.


It’s also a good idea to remember that, while you certainly won’t be wearing all of your wedding jewelry on a daily basis (except for your wedding band, of course) you can always wear individual pieces on special occasions in the future. Wedding jewelry isn’t something that you wear once and then put away forever. Beautiful, versatile jewelry can be worn on anniversaries, birthdays, and nights out on the town for years to come.


Be Yourself


It is vital that you feel comfortable at your wedding. This will keep you feeling relaxed and happy throughout the big day. One key way to ensure that you feel happy and comfortable on your day is by dressing in a style that is true to yourself.


Choose wedding jewelry that you totally love and remember that you don’t have to wear anything that you don’t want to. If you choose wedding jewelry that you’re totally happy with, you’ll feel more comfortable and confident all day, and this will show.

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