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Winter Engagement Proposal Ideas

Winter Engagement Proposal Ideas

Winter is one of the most popular times to get engaged. Not only do the winter holidays take place at this time, but winter has a beautiful and magical quality to it that makes it truly special. There are so many incredible ways to pop the question, and the winter just gives you so many more opportunities to do so.


Here are some incredible winter proposal ideas that you and your special someone will remember forever.


Use the Snow


Depending on where you live, during the winter the snow is going to be there. There isn’t much you can do about it, so why not use it? When you’re not shoveling it or driving through it, snow is definitely pretty. Plus, it’s versatile! Why not write “Will you marry me?” in the snow outside your window or build a snow man kneeling with a snow ring?


You can be romantic, you can be funny, or you can be a combination of the two. Snow is a versatile tool that you can use in nearly any way you’d like, so take advantage of it!


Get Outdoors


Whether there’s snow or not, consider taking your engagement outdoors. Sure, it’s cold, but that gives you more reason to snuggle close to one another. There’s nothing quite like the crisp winter air and the beauty of the season to really make your proposal special.


Go for a Romantic Getaway


The winter is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. Think about how truly special it would feel to be in an old cabin, curled up next to a fireplace, drinking hot chocolate. Then add in a proposal, and you have a truly magical moment.


Give a Present


If you give gifts during the holiday season, it only makes sense to wrap up the engagement ring and place it under the tree, or stuff it in a stocking. This is a fun way to have a truly memorable holiday proposal.


Use The Holiday Season


Whatever holiday you celebrate at this time, it’s often a fun idea to incorporate these occasions into your proposal. Why not surprise her with a group of carolers, singing a song about love, right before you get down on one knee? Or how about proposing right as the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, so you have a backdrop of music and fireworks to go with your proposal? Or, how about going for a stroll through a holiday market, surrounded by lights and festive decorations? Think of creative and romantic ways to involve the holidays with your proposal.


Involve Friends and Family


One reason that a lot of people propose during the holidays is because there’s more time to spend with friends and family. If this is why you’re proposing at this time, why not involve you loved one in your proposal somehow? Have them watching from a distance and they can appear once you’ve popped the question and celebrate with you. This is the perfect way to propose if you’re the kind of person who loves to have friends and family around for your special moments.


Be Active


The cold weather doesn’t mean you’ll need to hibernate until spring. Why not get outside and get active for your proposal? Go on a ski trip or for a romantic hike through a beautiful natural area. If you two are the active type, this is the perfect way you can propose. Even if you’re not known for your outdoor adventures, get out of your comfort zone for a bit when you propose. It will make the moment even more memorable.


Have a Backup Plan


The weather can be unpredictable. You never know when there’s going to be a giant blizzard, but it could also surprise you and be warm and sunny. If you’re planning on an outdoor proposal, know that the weather may not always co-operate. Don’t count on there being a picturesque snowfall, because Mother Nature may not agree. In the same sense, you may not want to plan a long drive, because snow storm may make that drive impossible. If your plan involves weather, make sure you have a backup plan so you can still propose no matter what nature tells you.

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