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A Five Step Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

A Five Step Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

A lot of people who want to propose feel anxious and worried about buying an engagement ring. While these emotions are certainly understandable, you don’t have to feel stress and concern when you’re buying a ring. In fact, the process of buying an engagement ring is quite simple and straightforward! Here are five simple steps to buying an incredible engagement ring.


Learn the 4 Cs (and more!)


Before you buy an engagement ring, you’ll want to understand a few basics about diamonds. One of the first things you’ll need to learn are the 4 Cs of diamonds: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. These are the various factors that influence the look of a diamond as well as the cost of a diamond.


Plus, you’ll also want to learn about how diamonds are graded and certified, information on different diamond shapes (round brilliant, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, etc.), figure out what makes a diamond sparkle, and much more. Looking for a place to start your research? Check out our diamond education center.


Determine your Budget


Everyone’s financial situation is different. While you may have heard that you’ll need to spend two months’ salary or three months’ salary on a ring, that isn’t necessarily true. When you’re creating a budget for a ring, take the time to review your financial situation. While you’ll certainly want to buy a ring that your special someone will love, you’ll also need to keep the rest of your finances in mind. It’s usually not wise to spend money that you don’t have on a ring and you’ll want to make sure that, whatever you spend, you’ll still be able to pay your bills.


The good news is that there are incredible engagement rings available at a wide variety of different price points.


Find a Trusted Jeweler


There are so many different options out there when it comes to jewelers. From large nationwide chains to local stores to online jewelers, it can often be a little intimidating to find the right jeweler. It’s a good idea to read reviews of different jewelers and to ask friends and family members for advice. You’ll also want to speak with the jeweler if possible. Remember that a good jeweler is interested in making sure you buy an engagement ring that you truly love, not just in pushing a sale.


When you’re looking at different jewelers, it’s also important to consider their policies, warranties, and any other such aspects. For example, at Damasci, we offer a refund policy that includes the return of your purchase within 30 days of shipment for a full refund or exchange. We also offer a lifetime warranty that includes services such as cleaning, polishing, prong tightening, rhodium plating and a full inspection as well as replacement of lost accent diamonds due to manufacturing defects.


Ask any jeweler that you speak with for information on refunds, exchanges, warranties, resizing, and other such services.


Choose a Diamond


This is where the information that you learned about diamonds comes in handy. Pay special attention to the cut of the diamond. A diamond that is not well-cut will look dull and unappealing, even if the stone otherwise receives high color and clarity gradings. Conversely, a diamond that has lower clarity and color grades will still look great if it has an excellent cut.


When buying a diamond, it is often best to begin with the diamond’s cut, clarity and color and then choose a carat weight that fits your budget, rather than choosing a diamond that has a larger carat weight, but that grades poorly in other areas.


Choose the Setting – Or Create your Own!


When you buy a diamond engagement ring, you can choose from a collection of diamond settings. However, some jewelers will allow you to create a custom engagement ring design. Choosing this option allows you to create a one-of-a-kind ring that can be personalized to suit the unique style of your partner. While not all jewelers will offer custom engagement ring design, it can certainly be an excellent choice for those who are looking for something truly special.


And there you have it! In five simple steps, you’ve purchased the perfect diamond engagement ring!

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