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Calming your Wedding Jitters

Calming your Wedding Jitters

There are a lot of reasons why you might be nervous about your wedding. After all, this is a big day. You could be worried about something going wrong, you might be nervous about standing up in front of a large group of people, you may even start to fret about spending the rest of your life with one person. These fears are all natural. Even if you completely love your partner in every way, and are thrilled to be getting married, it’s natural to have nerves on your wedding day, just like it’s natural to have nerves before any big day in your life.


Here are some tips for calming your wedding day jitters that will help you enjoy your wedding.


If You’re Nervous about Becoming a “Husband” or “Wife”


Some people worry that getting married with change their relationship. Others worry that they won’t be a “good” husband or wife. Others yet are scared of a big life change. If this is you, it helps to take some time to think about your relationship and why you love the person you are marrying. It can also help to look to the future. What plans do the two of you have? Where will you be living together? What will you do together? Thinking happy thoughts about your future will ease your nerves.


It can also help to talk to your friends, such as your wedding party. They know you very well and they’re here to support you. If you’re scared or worried, they’ll be there to remind you what a great partner you have and tell you that there’s nothing at all to be nervous about.


If You’re Worried About Something Going Wrong


A lot of people worry about something going wrong at their wedding. After all, in your mind, this day should be perfect. You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning your wedding and you want it to turn out the way you’ve dreamed.


Unfortunately, things sometimes go wrong. You could have planned every aspect perfectly and you could have had the best people in the world managing it, and there could still be problems. It might rain. Someone’s car might break down. Something might get knocked over. Equipment might not work. It happens. It might not happen, but it certainly could. That’s okay. Something goes wrong at nearly every wedding. You likely haven’t noticed this at other weddings because you weren’t part of the planning. The good news is that if something goes wrong, most people won’t notice or care. And, even if something big goes wrong and everyone notices, that’s okay too. This day is about celebrating your love, no matter what happens.


If You’re Worried About Standing in Front of a Crowd


At your ceremony, you’ll stand in front of family and friends and get married. At your reception, you’ll dance in front of a crowd. You will probably even give a speech. Any of these things might make you nervous. If they do, remember that these are your loved ones. They care about you and they’re here to be a part of your special day. You’re not in front of a crowd of strangers. Remember how much everyone in the room cares about you and you won’t be as nervous. Rehearse your speech or your dance so that you feel prepared. This will keep you calm.


If You’re Worried About Family and Friends


One concern that many people have at their wedding is that their friends or relatives will do something to embarrass them. They might drink too much and cause a scene. They might argue with one another. You might have relatives or friends who don’t get along and you may worry about their interactions with one another.


In this case, the first thing to do to calm yourself is to realize that everyone there wants this event to be great. Even if people don’t get along normally, they will likely be on their best behavior for your wedding.


You can also ask members of your wedding party for help. Tell them your fears and ask them to keep an eye on people who you are worried about. They can even make sure that people who don’t get along are kept separate from one another. This will calm your nerves and make it easier to enjoy your wedding.

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