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Make Your Canada Day Magical with a Proposal

Make Your Canada Day Magical with a Proposal

Happy Canada Day! The sun is out, the weather is beautiful, and the days are longer. During the summer, it often seems like anything is possible. It’s an incredible time and that makes it a great time to propose. Summer proposals are magical, so why not propose on Canada Day?


Looking for some tips for popping the question this summer or maybe even on Canada Day? We’re here for you.


Get Outside


The main advantage to proposing on Canada Day is that the weather is usually warm, sunny, and beautiful. Use this fact to your advantage and get outside for your proposal. The summer weather is beautiful and it makes every moment better.


Check the Weather


While many summer days are warm and sunny, summer weather can be unpredictable. Before you decide that you’re going to propose on the beach after a long walk, for example, check the local weather to make sure that it’s not going to rain right around that time.


You’ll also want to take note of how hot it’s going to be on the day of your proposal. No one wants to be drenched with sweat during this magical moment. If it’s going to be very, very hot, make sure that you find a way to ensure both of you are dressed appropriately, and consider shifting parts of the proposal to an air-conditioned location. No one wants to take their proposal photos when they’re dripping with perspiration.


Have a Contingency Plan


It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan for your Canada Day or summer proposal. While it would obviously be great to propose on a sunny day with a slight breeze blowing through your hair, this might not be possible. Sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate. That means you’ll want to have a back-up plan just in case. At the very least, scout out your proposal location in advance and look for a sheltered area that you can use if you need to.


Get the Time Right

The hottest time of the year is usually the afternoon. During the summer, this can often mean sweltering temperatures. For this reason, it might be a good idea to schedule your proposal for earlier in the day or later in the evening when it isn’t quite so hot. Summer sunrises and sunsets are especially magical, so a bonus to shifting the time is that you might be able to incorporate these into your proposal. If you propose on Canada Day, you can even do it during a fireworks display!


Do It On Vacation


During the summer, a lot of people take vacations. This can be the perfect time to propose. Whether you get down on one knee during an exotic trip, or if you pop the question during a stayaction, there are many reasons why it’s a good idea to propose when you have time off. The main reason is because you’ll get a few extra days to celebrate together. Once you propose, you’re almost immediately thrust into a world of social engagements and wedding planning, so take advantage of the opportunity to spend some time alone with one another while you still have it.


If you are planning on bringing your engagement ring with you on a trip, here are some tips for getting the ring through airport security.


Keeping it a Secret


Most people want to keep their proposal a surprise. One of the best ways to do that is to choose a date when your partner would never expect it. This way, they’ll just be living their life normally and be absolutely floored when you propose. However, a lot of people also like to propose on meaningful days such as anniversaries, holidays, or other special occasions. These can work as well and you can certainly still keep such a proposal a secret.


One of the keys to a secret proposal is not doing anything obviously out of the ordinary. For example, if you never suggest going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, and then suddenly you do, your partner will likely think that something is up. If you’re going to try and arrange something that would make the fact that you’re proposing seem very obvious, you’ll need to use some trickery. You can either disguise where you’re actually going or you can come up with a different reason for wanting to do something special. For example, tell her that you want to go for a fancy dinner to celebrate her new promotion.

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