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Dealing with Wedding Stress

Dealing with Wedding Stress

A wedding is a big day. It’s a special moment between you and your partner where you get to stand up in front of your loved ones and profess your love to one another. It’s also a huge celebration involving all of the people who care about you the most. The enormity of the event can cause stress and anxiety for a lot of people.


Weddings have many moving parts, from the invitations to the ceremony to the reception and beyond. You’ll need to plan for a lot of different people to do a lot of different things in order to have the event happen. That can be stressful. It’s completely understandable that people experience some form of stress leading up to their wedding. Here are some common stresses and what you can do to alleviate those worries.


The Stress of Looking Perfect


This is a common stress. We live in a world where we share the perfect moments on social media and blogs. This is especially true for weddings. Wedding photographs are more beautiful and more perfect than regular day-to-day photos. The pictures that you see of weddings on blogs and in magazines are stunning. And everything looks perfect. There isn’t a hair out of place, a flower that isn’t blooming, or a table runner with a slight wrinkle in it.


The reality is that nothing is perfect. The images and videos that we post and see are all small fragments of a big picture. This can be tough to remember, but it’s important to never forget that nothing is perfect. Every wedding you’ve ever seen in pictures and videos has had some imperfection. And that’s okay. That’s life.


The Stress of Something Going Wrong


Not only do we want our weddings to look perfect, but we want everything to be perfect as well. Again, in reality, things do go wrong. The speakers at the reception don’t work right and it’s hard to hear the music, the cake arrives late, it rains, etc. Things happen.


It’s important to remember though that, while something can possibly go wrong, it’s very unlikely that everything will go wrong. You’ll want to learn to look at the big picture and to try and ignore the small things that could come up. Remember, this is about you and your partner celebrating with your loved ones.


You’ll also want to remember that the people you have trusted to assist with your wedding are professionals. The bakery has probably delivered hundreds of wedding cakes and the band or DJ has been to many, many events just like yours. They know what to do if there is a problem.


The Stress of People


Another common wedding stress is that, with all of the people from different parts of your life mixing together, there could be a disagreement or argument. In some weddings, the chances of this happening are greater than at others. If you have sides of your family that do not get along, or friends who have personal issues with other friends, you could be worried about how your guests will interact with one another.


To cope with this stress, remember that this is a special day for everyone in attendance, not just you. They all want to see you get married and they all want to celebrate with you. This means that many family members and friends will put their personal issues aside and be on their best behavior for the day in order to make it memorable for you.


If you think that there might be an issue, you may want to talk to the friends and family members that you are concerned about. Speaking with them in advance of the wedding can help them understand how important it is that they avoid airing their personal issues for the day.


If this doesn’t work, ask your wedding party to play “buffer” and to keep those who dislike one another apart. Your wedding party is a valuable resource that you should be looking to for help and support. They’re here for you and they can help you with this issue and with many of the other issues and stresses that could come up on your wedding day.


Of course, you can also sit those who have personal problems on opposite sides of the reception from one another to make it less likely that they will interact.

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