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Putting Together the Perfect Look for your Wedding

Putting Together the Perfect Look for your Wedding

When it comes to your wedding, there are a lot of different things to plan for and pay attention to. However, with all due respect to the venue and the cake, perhaps the most important aspect is how you look. That’s right, we’re not going to sugar coat it, every bride wants to have the perfect look at her wedding. Don’t worry, it’s not vain to care about your appearance at your wedding. After all, everyone is going to be staring at you the entire event, so you’ll want to look your best.


Here are some tips that will help you look your absolute best at your wedding.


Take Your Time


It’s certainly possible to put together an incredible wedding look at the last minute, but it’s a much better strategy to take your time. There are so many different options out there when it comes to wedding dresses, hairstyles, jewelry, etc. that you won’t want to rush. It’s a good idea to take some time to plan your look. You might want to start by clipping some images (either from actual magazines, or doing so on the computer) of brides that you want to look like. Use these images as inspiration for creating your own look.


Create a Theme


You may want to create a “theme” for your look. Decide if you want something modern, classic, vintage, or completely different and then look for pieces that match this theme. Putting together your look this way will help you keep everything consistent and make sure that your look not only matches well with everything else you’re wearing, but also with the overall look of your wedding. 


Remember That This Is For You


It makes sense that you might want your mom, your sister, your best friend, or your bridesmaids to give you some advice when it comes to choosing a wedding dress, a hairstyle, jewelry, etc. However, ultimately, the choice is yours. If you want to consult someone for advice, stick to one or two people max. If you have more than that, you’ll likely wind up with several conflicting opinions (and maybe even some arguments) which will make it more difficult for you to make a decision.


Think of the Details


The overall picture is certainly important, but the small details can certainly make a difference. Everything from lace patterns to the various embellishments of your dress will help you stand out and look spectacular.


Your Hair and Make-up


You’ll likely want to have your hair and make-up professionally done on your wedding day, if only because you want to have one less thing to worry about. That said, it’s important to have an idea in mind for both of these styles. When you visit the hairstylist or make-up artist, take along photographs of looks that appeal to you. It’s important that you give both your hairstyle and your make-up a test run a little while before the wedding. You’ll want to know what you look like in advance so that you can make changes if you’re not happy.


Take Photos


Don’t forget about how you’ll look in photos. Your wedding photos will be with you for the rest of your life. You’ll still be looking at them 20 years from now, so you want to make sure that you look great in them. When you have your hair and make-up done the first time, take several photos so that you can see how you look. This will give you an idea of how you’ll show up in the pictures.


You’ll also want to have an idea where you’ll be taking your photos on your wedding day, so that you can choose a look that is best suited for the location. Different looks work better in different conditions. Consider, for example, how a photo looks on a sunny day at the beach versus a fall day in the country.


Your Jewelry


Don’t forget about your wedding jewelry when you’re putting together your look. The right pieces can really complete the picture. Keep a few things in mind when selecting wedding jewelry. First, try not to overdo it. A little jewelry goes a long way. Second, you don’t need to buy absolutely every piece brand new. After all, this is where your “something borrowed” and “something old” could come in!

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