Helping your Best Friend Buy an Engagement Ring

Helping your Best Friend Buy an Engagement Ring

So, your best friend has decided to get engaged, and he’s looking to you for advice and help with engagement ring shopping. This is an exciting position to be in. Not only is your friend making a big step forward in life and asking you for assistance, but he’s also trusting you with keeping the engagement a secret! This is a big move.


Here are some tips for helping your best friend with engagement ring shopping.


Helping Him Focus


This is often a stressful time. Not only is your friend about to make a life-changing decision, but he is also likely to be dealing with a lot right now. In addition to buying an engagement ring, he’s also likely anxious about popping the question, dealing with the logistics of his proposal, and much more. As his friend, one of your top jobs is helping him focus. There are a lot of engagement rings out there, and you’ll want to prevent him from getting distracted.


Doing the Research


It’s a good idea to do some research before you buy an engagement ring. While the person buying the ring should obviously be involved in the process, this is a good place where you can help. Read through our diamond education center and learn about the 4Cs. He’ll be doing the same, but at least you’ll be there as an informed back-up.


You can also help him research jewelers and places to buy an engagement ring online.


Finding out Details


Obviously, you’ll want to make sure that the person who’ll be receiving the engagement ring loves it. Therefore, a reconnaissance mission may be in order. Try to find out some details about what your friend’s future spouse likes. What is their style? Do they like classics or do they prefer modern designs? What type of gold? Are they flashy or more conservative? Also, you might be tasked with finding out their ring size without them knowing about it. Need some help? Check out our guide to finding out their ring size, which includes some sneaky methods that you may need to use.


Offering Advice


This is why he’s told you that he’s planning on buying an engagement ring: he wants your advice. Maybe he want it because he’s overwhelmed, maybe you’re already engaged or married and he wants to take advantage of your expertise, maybe he trusts your taste. Whatever the reason, know that your opinion is valuable here.


If you’ve bought an engagement ring before, your experience will be crucial. Let him know what you liked and disliked about your own engagement ring shopping experience and maybe even suggest some places that he could look.


Knowing when to Shut Up


Remember, this is his proposal and he’s the one buying the ring for his partner. While he will likely appreciate your advice at some points, it’s important to remember that the final decision is his. Don’t let the engagement ring process start a fight between the two of you. As long as he likes the ring, and he knows that his special someone will like the ring, that’s all that matters.


Helping to Keep the Secret


Another huge part of the engagement process is keeping the engagement a secret. Now that he’s told you that he wants to propose, and asked for your help buying an engagement ring, you’re in on the secret. There likely aren’t too many other people who know, and it’s best to keep it that way.


Don’t go blabbing to others about your engagement ring shopping and do your best to keep your stories straight. If you know that he’s been a jewelry stores all day looking at rings, make sure to ask him where he said he was and then be consistent. If his significant other starts getting suspicious, the secret will be ruined.


As you can see, there are a lot of things that a friend can do to help their friend buy an engagement ring. By being supportive, offering advice, helping wherever you can, and knowing when it’s not your place to say anything, you’ll be doing your friend a solid favor.

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