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Diamonds for Major Life Moments

Diamonds for Major Life Moments

Life is filled with magical moments. These are the moments that we wait for, the ones that take our breath away, and the ones that we will never forget. While these moments are memorable on their own, adding the perfect diamond gift can make them even more extraordinary.


Here are some of our favorite magical moments and a few great ways to add diamonds to these occasions.




Birthdays are the perfect occasions to celebrate with diamonds. This is especially true for milestone birthdays. If someone is turning 16 or 18 or 20, then marking these occasions with a small diamond on a necklace could be appropriate. For ages 25, 35 or 45, you may wish to give a bracelet or earrings. Of course, the individual choice is up to you. Perhaps the best part about diamond birthday gifts is they can be given to nearly anyone, from spouses and friends to parents, children, and nearly anyone else.


When choosing diamond jewelry for a birthday gift, remember that it’s often a nice idea to include birthstones as well. For example, a necklace or bracelet featuring a combination of diamonds and the individual’s birthstone can be incredibly striking and beautiful.




When a person graduates from high school, college, or university, you’ll likely want to make this occasion with a truly special gift. Diamond jewelry certainly meets this requirement. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they see that you’ve given them a spectacular diamond bracelet or incredible pair of diamond earrings.




A job promotion is a life milestone that sometimes goes under-celebrated. However, much like many of the other events on this page, it’s a life-changing moment that definitely deserves to be honored. In fact, because this moment isn’t always celebrated, your special someone will be even more surprised and appreciative of your gift.


An excellent way to celebrate a work accomplishment this is with the gift of diamonds. Whether your loved one is getting a new job or if they’ve earned a promotion at their current organization, they will certainly appreciate when you celebrate their achievement with diamonds.


Plus, if your friend or loved one is moving farther away due to a promotion or a new job, a beautiful piece of diamond jewelry becomes a memento that your loved one can carry with them forever. No matter where their work may take them, they will remember you and your thoughtfulness every time they wear the special piece that they have been given.



There are many incredible ways to celebrate anniversaries with diamonds. Milestone moments can be celebrated with diamond bracelets, necklaces, or earrings. Think of an item that your significant other would truly treasure and one that they have dreamed about for years. Then surprise them with this item during your anniversary celebration. You’ll ensure that this anniversary is one that they will never forget.


Another way that many couples choose to celebrate special anniversaries is by “upgrading” or adding to their wedding or engagement jewelry. When a lot of people get engaged, they’re young and this means that they might not be in the position to purchase the engagement or wedding rings that they truly wanted. However, years down the line, it becomes more feasible to do so. On your tenth or twentieth anniversary, why not mark the occasion with a new diamond engagement ring or a pair of new diamond wedding bands?


If you don’t want to replace your existing jewelry, you can always complement it. One of the most exciting modern jewelry trends is the idea of stacked rings. This means wearing many different rings together in various different combinations. Some couples celebrate every ten years with a new ring, for example. Why not make this a tradition in your relationship?   




Of course, engagements are the main occasion that is celebrated with a diamond ring. If you are planning on proposing, a diamond ring is basically a requirement. Here are a few guides that can help you buy the perfect diamond engagement ring:

When buying a diamond, regardless of the occasion, it’s a good idea to do some research first. You can find out everything you need to know in our diamond education center.

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