Putting Together a Completely Unique Marriage Proposal

Putting Together a Completely Unique Marriage Proposal

The time has come to propose. You have a special someone in your life who you never want to be without. You love them and they love you. You can’t picture your life without them. You’re ready to ask them to be with you for eternity. This is a big moment in both of your lives.


One of the most special parts of your proposal is that you can plan it. Many of life’s moments happen unexpectedly, with little time to prepare. But, with a proposal, while your significant other will certainly be surprised, you get to plan the entire process. It’s an incredible opportunity. So, you’ll want to do it right.


The key to a great proposal is doing something that’s just for you. This is your moment. That means you’ll want to do something unique. Rather than a cookie-cutter proposal, why not choose to do something that is truly special to the both of you? Here are some tips for planning a completely unique marriage proposal.


Think Outside the Box


Your proposal doesn’t have to be a romantic dinner at a five-star restaurant where you present the ring during dessert. Instead, try to think of something different. Maybe you can make the proposal an entire day event. Start with a romantic breakfast in bed, have lunch at the coffee shop where you had your first date, dine at the restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, take a long walk in the evening, then hand her the ring right before you go to sleep. Obviously, you don’t need to do this exact thing, but it shows you how you can turn your proposal into a completely unique event.


When you propose, it doesn’t have to be the same standard thing. Try something new. Think of something that the two of you have always wanted to do together and then do it. You can propose anywhere you’d like, doing anything you’d like.


Avoid Clichés


While you’re avoiding the standard activities, you’ll likely want to avoid the standard clichés as well. Try to think of something other than having the waiter put the engagement ring in a glass of champagne, for instance.


If you’re trying to come up with a unique proposal, then you’ll want to do something different. Ignore everything that you’ve seen in movies. Propose in the morning instead of the evening. Present the ring before dinner instead of after. Change things up and go for something truly unexpected.


Not only will this help you have a unique proposal, but it will also make it easier to surprise your partner. If they have any inkling that you’re going to propose, they’ll likely expect it on a day when you’re eating at a nice restaurant or taking a trip to a romantic destination. They certainly won’t expect it when you’re eating breakfast at a local diner. If you’re trying to increase the surprise, propose at an unexpected location or in an unexpected way.


Think About your Partner


Of course, ultimately, this entire proposal is all about your partner. That’s why it’s important that you plan something that they would like. While you may think that a big public proposal is the best way to pop the question, is this what your significant other would like? If they are a more private person, this might not be the engagement that they were hoping for.


While we did mention to avoid clichés above, if you think that your partner would like a completely cliché proposal, then do it for them. Give them the dozen roses, take them to dinner, and have the waiter slip the ring into the champagne. You don’t want to get so wrapped up in planning something unique and one-of-a-kind that you don’t do what your partner has been dreaming of.


Have Fun


Your proposal is a big moment, but it’s also one that you should be able to enjoy. Sometimes, people get so wrapped up in making sure that their proposal is planned perfectly, that they’re too stressed out to enjoy it. Of course, planning is important, but so is enjoying the moment. If you can’t plan it perfectly, or if things go wrong, roll with it and enjoy the ride.

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