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Finding a Unique Engagement Ring in Toronto

Finding a Unique Engagement Ring in Toronto

Found that special someone? Planning on proposing? Congratulations! This is a big moment in your life! Not everyone finds that one person that they want to be with for eternity, so you should consider yourself pretty lucky.


However, we hope you realize that there is going to be a lot to do! Most importantly, how are you going to find a unique engagement ring for her?


Your relationship is special. It’s not like any other in the world. And she is special too. She’s one of a kind. She’s irreplaceable. So she deserves a special engagement ring that is unlike any other.


But how do you find a unique engagement ring in Toronto?


The good news is that Toronto is a large city. That means there are many, many different options when it comes to buying an engagement ring. The potentially bad news? With so many different options, it can be tough to compare them and narrow it down to one choice. This means that, if you’re looking for unique engagement rings Toronto and beyond, you’ll need to do some research.


Finding a Toronto Jeweler


There are many, many different jewelers and jewelry stores in Toronto. The first thing that you'll really need to know is that they’re not all created equal. It can be tempting to find the store that is closest to you and simply shop there, but this might not be the best decision.


Several differences exist between Toronto jewelry stores, including:


  • Different product lines
    • Some jewelers carry only a limited number of ring designs. While you may get lucky and find something that you love among these choices, the likelihood of finding a truly unique engagement ring in a store with limited selection is pretty slim.
  • Different levels of service
    • While the level of customer service and support that you get from a jeweler won’t always help you find a unique engagement ring, it’s still important to consider. A jeweler who truly listens to you and who doesn’t just try to push a particular product on you may be able to help you in your search more than you would think.
    • For example, a good jeweler who truly cares about customer satisfaction is more likely to point you in the direction of some of their more unique rings.
  • Different service offerings
    • Some jewelers will only have certain rings available with certain diamonds. They may not allow you to choose your diamond and then pick your particular setting. This can limit the amount of freedom you have when buying an engagement ring and box you into some rather uninspiring options.
    • However, some jewelers will provide you with a variety of different customization options, which can help you in your quest to find a more unique ring.
    • One of the ways that you can truly get a one-of-a-kind ring is if you choose a jeweler who offers custom engagement ring design.

Custom Engagement Ring Design


If you truly want to buy an engagement ring that is unlike any other, custom engagement ring design is the route to take. It doesn’t get much better for unique engagement rings, Toronto and beyond.


It’s important to note that not all jewelers offer custom design services.


At Damasci, we have created a process that is both simple and powerful. It is designed so that anyone who wants a truly unique engagement ring can design one for themselves, with the help of our fine jewelry artisans.


It begins by sitting down with one of our designers and explaining your wishes for your engagement ring. The design consultant will then create an initial visionary sketch, which will allow you to see what your ring will look like once it is completed.


From there, the next step is the computer-assisted design. This process lets you see your ring come to life through a detailed computer model. A 3D printer then creates a wax design that is finished in detail by our designers. This lets you experience what your ring will look like in the real world.


Once the model is approved, we move on to casting, polishing and setting the diamonds that you have chosen for your ring.


For more information on creating truly unique engagement rings in Toronto, please visit our custom engagement ring design page.

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