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Five Signs That You’re Ready to Propose

Five Signs That You’re Ready to Propose

Wondering if it’s the right time to propose? Well, first and foremost, this will depend on your personality, your relationship and many personal factors that will differ from couple to couple. However, here are a few tips that could let you know that it’s time to put a ring on her.


You’ve Discussed Marriage


This might not mean going right out and asking if she sees the two of you getting married in the future, but it’s certainly a good idea to discuss marriage before deciding to pop the question. How does she feel about marriage? Does she want to get married at all? Find out her views on marriage before you consider proposing. Otherwise, you risk hearing "no" and no one wants that.


You’ve Talked About Your Future


If you and your partner feel comfortable discussing your future (both short-term and longer term) with one another, it’s a good sign that you both picture being with one another forever. Even simple things like joking about “when you’re old and grey” together can help you see that you both want to be there for everything and forever.


Your Friends and Family Support You


How do your friends and family feel about your relationship? If you’re a good couple and one that should be together forever, your friends and family will approve. However, if you have close friends or family members who know her and who don’t think you should be with her, there could be an issue.


You’ve Discussed Finances


Financial stress and arguments about money are some of the main reasons that couples fight. If you’re considering getting married, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve had conversations about finances. If either of you have any significant debts, it’s important that you let your partner know. Otherwise, they will be caught off-guard and could be angry when they find out later on.


You Feel Comfortable Together


When you feel comfortable sharing your hopes, dreams, fears, worries, etc. with someone and you know that they won’t judge or insult you, you’ve found someone that you can spend the rest of your life with.


Good luck!

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