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How to Match your Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings

How to Match your Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings

When it comes to buying a wedding band, many brides-to-be want a ring that matches or complements their engagement ring. This often makes the two rings look better on the hand and completes the look.


Perhaps the easiest way to match the two rings is to buy an engagement ring that has a matching wedding ring. However, if your fiancé kept the proposal a surprise, this might not be possible. But don’t worry! There are still many ways that you can make the two rings go with one another.


Here are some tips:


Pay Attention to How the Two Rings Sit


A lot of people want their engagement ring and wedding ring to sit flush with one another and have no gaps between them.


Many classic engagement ring styles are already designed to sit flush with a wedding ring. However, you can also choose a contoured or notched wedding ring to make it sit more evenly with your engagement ring, depending on the shape.


Match Styles


Remember that you don’t have to get two rings that match perfectly. A good way to ensure that your engagement ring will go with your wedding band is to match the overall styles of the two rings. For example, if you have a modern design for your engagement ring, consider getting a modern wedding ring as well. If your engagement ring is more vintage, then look for a vintage-style wedding band, etc.


The same is true for any accents or engravings. Try to match the styles of these to make your two rings look better together.


Match Stones & Metals


Another good way to match is to make sure that the stones and types of metals are the same. For example, if you have white diamonds in your engagement ring, it might not work with a wedding band that has pink and yellow diamonds.


The same is true for metals. In general, match platinum with platinum, yellow gold with yellow gold, etc. However, rules are made to be broken, so you might find a combination that works well depending on the particular styles of the rings.


Consider Custom


If you have a wedding ring design in mind and simply can’t find anything like it at the jewelry store, why not consider custom ring design? At Damasci, our custom design studio artisans can work with you to create custom, one-of-a-kind work that will exceed your greatest expectations.


Of course, it’s important to remember that your wedding ring and engagement ring absolutely do not have to sit flush, match or go together in any way if you don’t want them to. As with any piece of jewelry that you buy, it’s important to stick to your own sense of style. If you find a wedding ring that you love and that you think works well with your engagement ring, go for it!

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