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Getting Engaged & Making Her Friends Jealous

Getting Engaged & Making Her Friends Jealous

Getting engaged is about love. Getting engaged is about showing the world how much you and your significant other care about one another. Getting engaged is about spending your life with someone. And, yes, getting engaged is, at least a little bit, about making her friends jealous.


After all, who wouldn't want their loving boyfriend to give them an amazing diamond ring in the perfect way? By putting together an incredible engagement, you can make her happy and turn her friends a little bit green with envy.



Planning an Awesome Engagement


Getting engaged requires planning. If you really want to wow her with your engagement, you'll need to come up with a killer plan. Sure, giving her a ring after dinner is nice and romantic, but it's not the sort of thing that her friends will freak out about. You can do better!


Think about what she will like. An elaborate scavenger hunt that takes her through all of the special places you've shared together is certainly an amazing proposal, but would she like that? Or would she get frustrated or bored or think it's lame? Does she dream about getting engaged standing in front of a majestic waterfall while a string quartet plays "your song" or would she rather have you get down on one knee in the park after a picnic lunch? Sure, you want her friends to be envious of her incredible engagement story, but you obviously also want her to enjoy the experience.


The diamond is also crucial, of course. One of the first things her friends will say when she tells them she's engaged is "let me see the ring!" To make sure you get an incredible ring that she loves, you'll want to do some research. Visit our education center and find out what makes a good diamond a good diamond. Do some sleuthing and figure out what type of jewelry she likes. Visit jewelers and ask questions and take the time to learn something and make an informed decision. This will ensure that the ring you buy is a great one.


Of course, the goal is to make her friends a little jealous. You don't want to gloat or brag in front of them as this could hurt friendships. But there's nothing wrong with a little bit of passing jealously. Your girlfriend (and now your fiancée) will probably be secretly a little proud of getting engaged and making her friends slightly jealous, and you'll get the credit!

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