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Up Your Jewelry Game for your Anniversary

Up Your Jewelry Game for your Anniversary

If you got married a while ago, your wife might be looking at the ring you bought her and wishing it was a little bit bigger, or a little bit shinier, or a more interesting style. That’s common, especially for couples who get engaged young. If you were just out of school when you got engaged, for example, you probably couldn’t afford a very impressive ring. No one blames you for that. However, now that you’re older and more established, it might be time for an upgrade. Or at least an addition.


Some people may not have purchased an engagement ring when they first proposed, for a variety of reasons. However, now that some time has passed, you might be looking to buy a diamond ring. This is where anniversary rings come in.


A lot of people buy anniversary rings for their 10th, 20th or 25th anniversary, but some do it for other anniversaries, depending on their particular situation.


These rings are the perfect way to celebrate your enduring love and to commemorate a big anniversary. They’re also an excellent opportunity to improve on the ring that you originally got. Again, there’s probably nothing wrong with the engagement ring that you purchased originally, but you’re older and more experienced now. You can likely do better and impress your wife with a stunning new purchase.


In order to make your anniversary ring truly special, it’s important to do some research. Depending on when you got engaged and how old you were, you might not have done a lot of research when you bought your engagement ring. Now’s the time to do some homework and get it right. Our education center is a good place to start.


Wearing Anniversary Rings


One question that we hear often is “how do you wear anniversary rings?”


The answer depends on the type of rings you have and your personal preference. If you already have an engagement ring, and you wear it on your left hand, you may choose to wear your anniversary ring along with it on your left, or you can wear it on your right instead. Many people choose to wear anniversary rings on their right hand, since they’re already wearing an engagement ring and a wedding ring on their left. They don\'t want their finger to be too crowded. However, smaller and more simple ring styles can be worn together all on the left if that\'s what you\'d like. It’s really a matter of how they look together and how they feel on your hand.


If you’re buying an anniversary ring for your wife, try to take into consideration how she will wear it and the jewelry that she already owns. This will help you pick the perfect ring for your situation.

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