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Getting the Engagement Ring Through Airport Security Without Her Noticing

Getting the Engagement Ring Through Airport Security Without Her Noticing

A lot of people choose to get engaged while they’re on vacation. This can turn a memorable getaway into an unforgettable one. However, one major concern is how to get the engagement ring through airport security.


These days, airport security is tight. You never know when officials are going to search your luggage or ask you to empty your pockets or spill out your bag. On a regular day, this can be annoying and time-consuming. On a day when you’re trying to hide an engagement ring from your girlfriend, it can be disastrous.


If you’re trying to surprise her with an engagement ring, you certainly don’t want her to see you handing it over to a security guard. You also can’t tell airport security “It’s okay guys, don’t open that bag. There’s something very secret in there” without ending up looking incredibly suspicious.


So what do you do to get an engagement ring through airport security? Here are a few tips.


Follow All of the Rules


Get your engagement ring through airport securityThe easiest way to find yourself being searched by airport security is if they think you’re breaking the rules. So don’t. Don’t try to carry on large amounts of liquid or other items that aren’t allowed. Don’t carry overstuffed or unwieldy bags. Don’t try to pass through the metal detector while holding the ring. Remove electronics from your bag so they can be checked separately. Do whatever you can to avoid having security open up and search your bag.


And don’t act suspicious or nervous. Yes, this can be tough to avoid when you’re literally trying to carry a diamond ring without it being noticed, but you have to calm down. Acting nervous will draw attention to you and your luggage. Take a few deep breaths before you go near security, follow the rules and relax.


Keep it in the Box in your Carry-On


Luggage with engagement ring through airport securityYou may be tempted to keep the ring on your person because you’re afraid of it getting lost, but what if security asks you to empty your pockets or remove your jewelry and you have to put the ring out in the open right there in front of everyone (including your girlfriend)?


Pack your ring in the box it came in. This will protect it, let security know that it’s obviously an engagement ring, and make it more difficult to lose. Then place it in your carry on. You might be tempted to put it in your checked luggage, but what if your bags are lost? Don’t take that risk.


Go Through Security Without Her


People at airport with engagement ring through airport securityIf possible, tell her that you have to go to the washroom and that she should go on ahead without you. You can meet up with her after you’ve gone through security. This will prevent her from being right beside you if security asks you to open that ring box that’s in your bag.


Put a Note on It


One helpful tip is to place the ring box in your carry on bag and to stick a note on it that says “This is an engagement ring that I’m going to give my girlfriend. Please don’t ruin the surprise.” That way, even if the security agent searches your bag, her or she will see the note and hopefully not blow the secret.


By following these tips, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting your engagement ring through airport security and your secret will be safe until it's time to pop the question!

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