Worried that He’s Not Buying a Diamond?

Worried that He’s Not Buying a Diamond?

Many women start to get concerned if their long-term partner isn’t buying a diamond ring for them. They worry that they’re doing something wrong. They start to second-guess their relationship. They might even begin to feel bad about themselves. In most cases, these sort of actions and feelings are unnecessary. There could be several reasons why he’s not buying you a diamond and most of them have nothing to do with you or your relationship.


Here are a few possibilities.


He’s Intimidated by the Process


Buying a diamond can be scary. It doesn’t have to be but, for many people, the entire process can be overwhelming and intimidating. After all, this is an expensive and important purchase. If he’s not buying you a diamond, it could be because he doesn’t understand the process and he’s worried about making a mistake.


To alleviate these issues, try going to a jewelry store with him with another piece of jewelry as the objective. For example, tell him you want to get a necklace for your sister and that he should come along to help you pick one out. Once he goes into the jeweler and spends some time there, he probably won’t be so afraid of the whole process.


He Doesn't Know about Diamonds


Buying a Diamond RingAnother possible reason why he’s not buying a diamond is because he doesn’t know anything about diamonds. The good news is that learning a bit about buying a diamond is easy. So how do you get him to learn? You’ll have to be clever. Maybe tell him about a diamond that one of your friends has or that you saw on TV. A small discussion about what makes a diamond sparkle and how to choose a good one could inspire him to learn more and show him it's not so scary.


He Doesn’t Know What You’d Like


Some men worry about buying a ring because they don’t want to get something that their girlfriend won’t like. If you suspect that this is the case, take him to a jewelry store (again, under the guise of buying another piece of jewelry) and casually mention the types of jewelry that you like. If you prefer white gold to yellow gold, for example, let this be known. This will help him feel more confident about choosing a ring for you.


He Doesn’t Know You Want a Ring


Another common reason that men don't propose or don't give their girlfriends diamond rings is because they just doesn’t know that that's what she would like. He might not think that marriage is important to you. He may think that you’re not interested in jewelry. If marriage is important and if you would like an engagement ring, have a discussion with him about it.


Don’t start with “I want an engagement ring” because that could scare him or catch him off guard. Instead, talk about marriage and engagements in general. Maybe tell him one of your friend’s engagement stories and how sweet you thought it was. This can help him recognize what you’re looking for out of your relationship.

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