Make Your Friends Jealous with your Engagement Ring Photos

Make Your Friends Jealous with your Engagement Ring Photos

These days, a “we’re engaged” selfie is just a standard part of the engagement process. If you got engaged, but didn’t share it on your favorite social networks, how would anybody know? An engagement ring photo is crucial, but such a big moment requires a great photo. If your photo is dull or boring, people will just scroll by it instead of stopping for a moment to admire it (and get a little jealous).   Here are a few tips that will help you take a gorgeous engagement ring photo or selfie.  

Have Good Lighting

  Engagement Ring SelfieToday’s cameras and cell phones can take decent pictures in all types of lighting conditions, but if you really want people to notice your photo, make sure you take it in good lighting.   What is “good lighting?”   The best lighting for photos is natural light. That means outside in the sun (but not directly in the sunlight in order to avoid glare and washed out photos). But what if you get engaged at night? If that's the case, try to get into a well-lit area so that your photo still comes out clear. And avoid using your flash. It will likely just bounce off the diamond and ruin the pic. When it doubt, use filters to make the shot look better.  

Include You

  Smiling - Engagement Ring SelfieOf course your friends and family will want to see the ring, but they’ll also want to see your smiling face. If you’re planning on taking a close-up of the ring on your finger, also include a second pic of your smiling face. Everyone will be thrilled when they see your happiness! You can even edit the two images together in a clever and visually appealing way to make it more fun!   Stick to one photo of you and one of your engagement ring though. You don’t want to overwhelm people and take away from the moment by posting 50 pictures.  

Be Unique

  Happy Couple Engagement RingOnce you reach a certain age, your social feeds start to fill up with engagement photos (and then wedding photos later on… and then eventually baby photos!) In order to keep your pic from being lost in the shuffle, try to do something unique. Think of what you would like to see in an engagement ring photo and then try to make it happen in reality!  

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