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Is it Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

Is it Time to Buy an Engagement Ring?

You’ve that special someone and now you’re thinking about whether or not it’s the time to propose. While there’s no way to know for sure if it’s time to buy an engagement ring, the tips below can help.


You Picture Your Future Together


When you think about your future, is she there? This can be a big sign. If you start picturing your future as “us” and “we” rather than you alone, then you’re likely ready to start shopping for an engagement ring.


The same goes for her. When she talks about her future, does she talk about the two of you together? If she does, this is a good sign that the two of you are on the same page when it comes to your future.


You Trust Them


If she says she’s working late or she’s going out with friends, do you spend the evening worrying about what she’s up to? Or are you confident in your relationship and trust her? If you’re not worried about what she’s doing and you’re just happy to see her when she gets back, you’re probably ready to walk down the aisle.


You Can Have Important Talks


Are you able to talk to her about money? About whether or not you want to have kids? About what you should do with your career? If you’re able to have a real important talk with your significant other, this could be a sign that you’re ready for marriage.


For instance, talking about money before you get married is important. It’s not romantic or sexy, but it could mean for a happier marriage.


It’s also important to be vulnerable and “real” with your partner. Have you had important talks about your insecurities and what you’re worried about?


Talking about kids is a big discussion that you should have. Even if you’re not planning on growing your family for several years, you’ll still want to be on the same page when it comes to children. If one of you really wants to have kids and the other really doesn’t, that could mean problems down the road.


You Don’t Feel Like You’re “Missing Out”


When you hear your friends talk about dating or living the single life, are you jealous or are you happy with what you have? If you feel happy about your current relationship and you’re not worried about what other person could be around the corner, this can be a big sign that you’re ready to pop the question.


The same is true if you’ve stopped looking into the past. Once you can stop wondering “what if” about your past relationships, you’ve likely found the one.


You’re Happy About Living Together


Whether you live together already or you’re planning on moving in together after you get married, how do you feel about it? Do you feel like it’s “the thing you’re supposed to do” or are you happy about the idea? If the idea of seeing her when you wake up and falling asleep beside her every night seems exciting and fun to you, then you could be ready for marriage.


You’ve Talked About Marriage


It’s important to talk about marriage before you get married. Of course, you don’t have to come right out and say “Do you want to marry me?” until you’re down on one knee, but it’s a good idea to discuss the idea of marriage before you get married. After all, some people never want to get married, so you’ll have to be sure that she actually wants a wedding before you ask her to be your bride.


Everyone is Different


Of course, every couple is different and your relationship is completely unique. There are some couples who know they want to be together forever after dating for a few months while others take years to arrive at that realization. It’s important that you do what works for you and what feels right for both of you.


Once you feel like this is the right time to get married, then you’ll need to start thinking about buying an engagement ring. Need some help engagement ring shopping? We can help! Check out our diamond education center and our guide to buying the perfect engagement ring if you’re looking for some pointers! Congratulations and good luck!

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