Kim Kardashian Jewelry Robbery & The Importance of Insurance

Kim Kardashian Jewelry Robbery & The Importance of Insurance

You have probably heard about Kim Kardashian being robbed in Paris. Kardashian was visiting Paris for fashion week when five armed men forced their way into her apartment building at around 3am local time. Two men entered her room, tied her up and stole her jewelry box, which reportedly contained more than $10 million worth of jewelry. According to reports, it is suspected that a $4 million second engagement ring, given to Kardashian by her husband Kanye West, was among the pieces stolen.



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Of course, this is an incredibly terrifying situation and, ultimately, the good news is that no one was seriously harmed in the robbery. From descriptions of the incident, it appears to be a very scary situation that has understandably left Kardashian shaken up.


However, the jewelry stolen from the robbery is incredibly valuable and, thus, also an important part of the story.


Since the robbery, a platinum mounted diamond cross - reportedly worth more than $30,000 - was actually found on the sidewalk outside the residence the day after the crime. The pendant was turned over to police who are examining it for DNA evidence. However, an expert who spoke to People Magazine speculated that it is “highly unlikely” that any of the other jewelry will ever be found or returned. This is because the fate of most stolen jewelry is that criminals have the stones are removed and the pieces are likely sold on the black market.


According to reports, Kardashian filed an insurance claim for 13 pieces of jewelry, totaling $5.6 million.


Jewelry insurance is very important, and not just for celebrities who have millions of dollars of jewelry.


The Importance of Jewelry Insurance


When jewelry is damaged, lost or stolen, the last thing that should be on your mind is how you can repair or replace it. The damage or loss itself is stressful enough as it is.


Jewelry insurance covers multiple different types of jewelry, from rings, earrings and necklaces to bracelets, watches and even smart watches. Jewelry insurance protects against loss, theft, damage and even disappearance. This covers situations where you are not entirely sure as to what happened to your jewelry, but you know that it’s gone!


A good jewelry insurance company will allow you to work with your own jeweler when it comes to repair or replacement. They will understand that not all jewelers are created equal and that working with the right one makes a big difference.


Jewelry insurance is also available to jewelry stores, not just private individuals. For example, at Damasci, our store is protected by Jewelers Mutual. We understand the importance of protecting jewelry and hope that anyone who purchases jewelry does the same. Jewelry is too valuable and too sentimental to risk leaving unprotected.

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