Keeping a Diamond Gift a Surprise

Keeping a Diamond Gift a Surprise

One of the best parts of giving someone a diamond is watching their eyes light up when they see the sparkly gift. This moment is made even better if it’s a surprise. There are a number of great occasions to give diamonds, so we’re not going to just talk about engagements here. If you want to really surprise her on her birthday, anniversary, Christmas or other holiday or occasion, here are some tips for keeping the diamond a secret.


Watch How You Pay


If you share a bank account or a credit card with your wife or girlfriend, you have to be careful when you pay for her diamond gift. She’ll get pretty suspicious when she sees an unexpected charge from a jeweler on your card.


To avoid this situation, pay with a credit card that she doesn’t have access to. If you don’t have one, use cash, a prepaid card or have a friend or relative buy the gift for you and pay them back. This will help keep the secret.


Where to Store It


Once you have the wonderful new diamond necklace, earrings, ring or bracelet in your possession, where will you store it until you give it to her? You’ll need to find a place to keep the present that is safe put also one where she won’t find it.


To figure out a good hiding spot, think of where she will look. Are you planning on hiding the diamond in your sock drawer? That might work, as long as she never goes in there for any reason. The right place will be different for everyone.


One of the best things to do is to disguise the gift somehow. Place the jewelry box inside another box as camouflage for instance. For example, put the jewelry box inside a shoe box and then fill the box with receipts or documents of some type. Then place it in your closet with any other storage boxes you have. Just make sure that you don’t forget where you put it – or that she doesn’t throw out the box by mistake!


You’ll also want to make sure that it’s hidden in a spot that protects it from damage.


Keeping the Suspense


When it’s time to finally give her the gift, why not keep the mystery going a little bit longer? Sure, you could simply give her the jewelry box and that would still be a great surprise, but you could also make it a bit more fun.


Wrap the small box and then place it inside a larger box. And then another. And another. She’ll have no idea what the gift in the giant box is, which will make it even more exciting when she sees the diamond.

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