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Damasci Moments | Bernard and Crystal's Surprise Proposal [full video]

Damasci Moments | Bernard and Crystal's Surprise Proposal [full video]




A Las Vegas Surprise!


Sharing a Special Moment in Vegas

When you propose, it’s a special moment that you will treasure forever. And, as with many special moments, it’s more meaningful when you’re with the ones you love! When Bernard made the decision to propose to his girlfriend Crystal, he didn’t just want to share this moment with her. He wanted their friends and family to be there too!

Of course, Crystal thought that they were going to Vegas with friends to see Celine Dion. That made it even more memorable when her family popped out from out of nowhere and Bernard got down on one knee!

The replica of the Trevi Fountain was the perfect venue for this surprise proposal. As Crystal herself said before the surprise, it’s “the fountain of love.” We can’t think of a better spot!

As Crystal closed her eyes to throw a coin in the fountain and make a wish, Bernard got down on one knee and her family popped out! When she opened her eyes, she was staring at her excited family members and a spectacular, glittering diamond ring. It looked like her wish came true! She was overcome by emotion and broke down in tears while nodding yes!

The family then toasted the loving couple with champagne and celebrated with one another.

This emotional proposal is another example of how perfect planning and creativity can create a magical moment like no other. By putting together an incredible plan, Bernard and Crystal now have a moment that not only will they treasure forever, but they also got to share this special, once-in-a-lifetime moment with their closest loved ones.

There’s nothing quite like watching the eyes of your loved one as she sees her engagement ring for the first time. When she watches you get down on one knee and hears you ask her to marry you, it’s an overwhelming and beautiful moment that no one will ever forget. Thankfully, Bernard and Crystal’s family managed to capture this special moment on video! Not only can it be shared with others so they can all see the joy in Crystal’s face, but they’ll always have the exact moment preserved in time to look back on! 

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