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Sharing your Engagement Story Online

Sharing your Engagement Story Online

After experiencing your engagement firsthand, perhaps the next best thing is sharing your engagement story with your loved ones. As soon as you tell someone that you’re engaged, he or she will immediately want to know the story behind it. "How did he propose?" "Where were you?" "Were you surprised?" "Let's see the ring!"


Sharing your engagement story is super fun and will let you experience the moment over and over again. Plus, with social media, you’re given a whole bunch of new ways to share your story with all of your family, friends and followers.


Here are some fun ways to share your engagement story online.


Write a Blog Post


Whether you do it on Facebook or on your own personal blog, writing your engagement story out online is a great way to let everyone know exactly how it all went down. When writing, try to include important details to really draw people in. Was the sun setting as he got down on one knee? Did he have tears in his eyes? What did he say when he proposed? These intimate details will help draw people into the moment.


And don’t forget to include an epic engagement ring selfie with your post!


Take a Photo Series


For a fun and cheery way to celebrate your engagement, why not take a series of photos and assemble them into a story? One great idea is to retrace the steps of your engagement day, taking a photo at each spot and then ending at the place where he proposed! A great closer is a shot of the two of you with a “WE’RE ENGAGED!” caption.


You can also take a series of photos holding signs to help tell your story. For example, the first picture could be you with a sign saying “He said he wanted to ask me something important.” The second could be “I wondered what it was” with you showing a puzzled expression. The third could be “He proposed” with the fourth being “AND I SAID YES!”


Stroll Down Memory Lane


Some people choose to celebrate their engagement with a series of photos documenting their entire relationship. This can be a great way to let people see where the two of you started as a couple and it can end with a “We’re engaged” pic that looks towards the future.


Create a Video


Pick out some of your best photos and videos, set them to music and let your video-editing skills do the rest! There are many online editors that can help you create a masterpiece. A video is a fun and engaging way to share your story and you’ll no doubt delight all of your friends with a fun, romantic video about your engagement.


You can also make a video blog or “vlog” where you tell your engagement story to the camera and share this on social media for a special personal touch.

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