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Taking Care of an Engagement Ring

Taking Care of an Engagement Ring

When you think of an engagement ring, you probably think of a diamond. When you think of a diamond, you probably think of a very hard substance that is incredibly difficult to scratch, cut or break. This is true. Diamonds are the hardest known natural materials on earth. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t require care.


Taking proper care of your engagement ring will ensure that it continues to look great and that it’s in good repair, safe and secure. Your engagement ring is important, so you’ll want to make sure that you care for it properly.


Here are some important tips for taking care of your engagement ring.


Get it Cleaned Regularly


Regular cleaning of your engagement ring is important. However, the way you clean it is crucial. Never use harsh chemicals such as bleach on your ring. Harsh cleaning agents can dull the finish of the ring and even potentially damage the stones.


The best way to have your ring cleaned is to have it done professionally. However, if it gets dirty, you’ll want to use lukewarm water and a soft cloth. Be careful not to snag the prongs and never clean it over an open drain!


Get Insurance


Your engagement ring is valuable and, while nothing can replace its sentimental value, it’s still important to get it appraised and insured for its full replacement value. Read our detailed post on jewelry insurance for more information.


Take It Off Sometimes


While you may want to never take off your ring, this isn’t a good idea. There are certain situations where damaging or losing your ring are significantly more likely, so you’ll want to take your engagement ring off in these circumstances.


Times when you should remove your engagement ring include when you’re at the gym, when you’re doing dishes or whenever you’re doing tasks that involve lifting or could result in bumping your hand. Banging your hand against a hard surface can loosen the prongs on your ring and you could lose your diamond!


However, if you do wear your ring outside, it’s a good idea to not take it off until you get home, unless absolutely necessary. Taking your ring off in public increases the chances of it being lost or stolen.


Store it Properly


When you’re not wearing your ring, you’ll want to find a safe and secure place to store it. Leaving it on the table or the countertop when you’re washing dishes or cleaning the house can lead to it being misplaced or damaged.


Keep your ring in a clean, dry place such as a fabric-lined jewelry box or the box that it came in. Consider getting a dedicated ring holder for the kitchen where you can put your ring while you’re washing dishes or doing other chores. This will keep it safe and prevent it from falling down the drain or getting lost or damaged in a cabinet.

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