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Dispelling some Myths about Buying an Engagement Ring

Dispelling some Myths about Buying an Engagement Ring

Congratulations! You’re planning to propose! You have someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. That’s amazing! Not everyone gets to find love and be in your position.


However, what you already know is that planning a proposal can be stressful. Coming up with an idea, considering all of the details, and keeping the whole thing a secret can be tough. And then there’s buying an engagement ring!


If you haven’t purchased very much jewelry in the past, you might be sweating over buying an engagement ring. After all, it’s a large purchase. Not only is an engagement ring a decent financial expense, but it’s also a meaningful purchase that your loved one will wear for the rest of their life! So, it’s natural to feel some stress or confusion about this decision.


And, to make it all worse, there are many myths out there about buying an engagement ring. These myths can make it tough to decide on a ring. That’s why we created this post on dispelling some of the most common myths about buying an engagement ring.


MYTH: Bigger Diamonds Are Always Better


You may want to impress your significant other with a really big diamond ring. However, before you head out to find the largest rock that you can afford, it’s important to understand that a bigger diamond isn’t necessarily a higher quality diamond or a diamond that will sparkle more.


A well-cut diamond that radiates light will look better than a large diamond that isn’t cut as well. Clear and colorless diamonds will also be much more visually appealing regardless of their size.


Plus, a very large diamond might not be as practical or comfortable to wear, so keep that in mind when you’re buying an engagement ring.


MYTH: Learning About Diamonds is Complicated


Before you head out to shop for an engagement ring, it’s a good idea to learn a bit about diamonds. Some people think that learning about diamonds is complicated and too time-consuming, but this isn’t true. First of all, you don’t need to know absolutely everything. Having a general idea about how to judge and compare diamonds is very helpful when shopping for an engagement ring. Second of all, the most important things to learn aren’t especially complicated.


Visit our diamond education center for more.


MYTH: Custom Engagement Rings are Too Expensive


You might think that a designing a custom engagement ring is too expensive for you to afford. The good news is that, in many cases, this isn’t true. The process of having a custom engagement ring designed doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


Check out our custom design studio for more information on designing the perfect ring for your special someone.

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